Quick shifting????

Hi all!!

Have been chatting to a few mates and have been taking about our quick shifting? This is when you chamge gear without pulling in the cluch at high revs. I have tried this and it works very well enabling you to change gear quickly. Does it damage the gear box/bike at all?

Any infor would be much appriciated!

Thanks guys

Do it smoothly, i.e back off the gas the right amount to engage the new gear and you’ll be just fine. It’s the only way to ride quickly and is taught to Police riders as well, afaik! Just don’t ‘pre-load’ the shift. I’ve heard this can place unecessary wear on the selector cogs, but perhaps someone can confirm that.

I use clutchless-shifting all the time, even at slow speeds.

Clutchless shifting up the box is your friend. Down the box is a no-no so I’ve heard.

how do you know when is the right time to shift?

Thanks guys, much appreciated - quick shifting- my new friend!

Jay should know ADD he destroyed the box on his k4 750

Ha ha, if anyone saw a suzuki gs hopping up the A3 this morning, it was me learning how to do it on the way to work…hahahaha

I really wouldn’t worry about clutchless upshifts. I have never had any gearbox probs and i can honestly say i’ve never changed up with the clutch!

As long as you don’t stamp on the gearchange etc you should be fine. People run quickshifters with no major problems and you don’t shut the throttle off either with one of those!

I have clutchless upshifted for years and to my knowledge, not damaged the gearbox at all. If you mate the revs right, its dead simple and can be completed very smoothly. Downshifting without using the clutch is an art form and not really advisable. It can cause serious damage to the gearbox. Not only that, you can lock up the back wheel as well, this can in turn have all sorts of nasty consequences. If you don’t run a slipper clutch, your left hand on the clutch can be vital.

Its a tad hard to describe exactly what you do, but to practice, ride along the road in say third or fourth gear for starters, apply gentle pressure on the gear change pedal to change up a gear - thats just gentle pressure, not a big heave. Let the throttle off, the gear pedal should snick up nice and easy when the revs are just right on the bike. Once you get used to it, you can do it at real speed, just like I do on the race track.

I do it most, but not all of the time. I was taught to do it on my DAS…

Of my bikes, the firestorm can go up and down the box clutchlessly, although I tend not to do that as it’s v easy to get it really wrong. The CB1300 can only go up clutchlessly…

As for gearbox damage, I’ve not heard of anything happening from clutchless upshifts, saying that the gearbox on my CB is playing up (false neutrals, jumping out of 2nd into neutral on overrun etc) but it has done nearly 50,000 miles and I’ve yet to get round to pulling it apart to determin what the damage is and how it was caused - i suspect that it’s just old age… the bike not me

I have a '99 CBR6 which is my first bike so it’s having to take the harshness of all my learning! One of those harshnesses (is that a word??) is me learning to change gear without the clutch! I’ve learnt to upshift quite happily without the clutch although I still really struggle to get a nice smooth shift into 2nd, especially at low speed. It there a trick I’m missing?

As for damage it has started to jump out of second now unless I really give it a ‘positive’ push into the gear. Almost have to hold it there for a second to make sure it’s engaged.

Hi, I shift up without any problems on my ducati and did not have any issue with the FZR 600R before, although I do tend to do it from 2nd upwards apperently it messes up the gearbox going 1st to 2nd or down shifting (info provided by a bike mec).

Ah so thats the trick I’m missing - don’t quick shift into 2nd?

Perhaps it’s a weakness with Honda’s? I tend to use the clutch into 2nd then clutchless.

Mate had probs with a 954 fireblade going into 2nd… he adjusted the gear lever and it was loads better - really needed a positive click up

I think its all bikes…Clutchless shift from 2nd upwards.

More info here