Quick Shifters and Autoblippers

There are a few on the market, so any preferences in brand and where is your goto for performance parts like this.

Also will I need to do any additional modification to my bike (GSX-R 750) to install one?

Do you know https://www.cordona.net/ ? it’s a very reputable brand


Have a word with Big_D, he sells them.

I would strongly discourage anyone from considering cheaper, ignition-cutting quickshifters. I ran one on a gixxer and it ate the gearbox. The quickshifter manufacturer rebuilt the gearbox for free.

Care to elaborate a bit more, which brands specifically are you referring too? All the ones my research has found: HM Plus SS, HealTech and DynoJet all work in the same way by replacing\bridging the connection to the loom which cuts the ignition (I believe). HM and HealTech are plug and play but DynoJet requires an additional power commander.

I am leaning towards HM as they have good reviews and seem very straight forward.

Did you also have an auto blipper?

Sure, it was DynoJet.

No auto-blipper, it didn’t exist at the time.

Recommendations ???

Not really, sorry. I wouldn’t add an after-market item to a gearbox that wasn’t designed for it after that experience.

I have a QS on my tiger it’s a HM red one
I had the same shifter on my GSXR and had no issues

They do recommend you don’t quickshift below 6k revs as it can hurt the gearbox

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I thought as much. My main use is for track days, and intend to stick to the clutch on the road.

My next question is has it caused your insurance premium to increase ?

Went up £30

That was probably the admin fee for telling them lol