ive got some bloke on hold right now as he’s trying to sell me somthing over the phone…:D.

he’s got ahold of my home number but im x-directory:cool:

ive had him on hold for about 7 mins so far and the git is still there…

wot do i doo?..he must really need this sale…lolol

hehehhe…if he breaks 12 mins…he’s set a new record!!!:w00t:…



and we have a winner!!!:w00t:

new record goes out too mr.khahan from direct services for his dedication for the job…;)…with a new home record of 17 mins:w00t:.

im soo impressed…i just might phone the fcker back!!!:D…lol


I love winding them b’stards up.

Hang on let me get a pen…oh sh!t this one don’t work…hang on…hello? hello?;):smiley:

I always ask them how many windows they have in their house and when they last changed them

Offer to give them a free quote if they give me their name and address

Really knocks em for 6


i did the ol…’‘hang on just one min mate…my girlfriend handles stuff like this…’’:D…

i could hear him huffing over the phone…lol

ohh well…needed a laugh before i went to work;).


I tied a caller in knots the other week.

He was trying to sell me a remortgage and I kept asking him how many inclusive minutes I got with it:D:D:D

I love that one

I will use “so what phone upgrade will i get” the next time as i am bored selling double glazing now

Had an Indian call centre lady give me her address but i said it was too far to go unless she was serious about her replacement windows

Poor thing i felt very guilty afterwards

I love to get then talking about conservatories and say I’d love one. After a while i slip in the fact I live on the 13th floor:D

(I don’t really;))

how long was he on for?

27th floor isn’t it…?

That’s why the TL don’t get out much, all them stairs;):D:D:D



I tell them iv’e just had an extention and a pool house built and would be looking for 5x pairs of patio doors and 12x windows with openings…oh and do you fit facias and sofix…and then wait for the excitment that floods through the phone.:smiley:

Hey, I’ve got one now, what do I say???

Nice one smiled.:smiley: