Quick question: Wireless internet

How much should it cost to set up wireless broadband?? or how much would the monthly repayments be

Pls be quick as I have someone coming round and my convo with them last week confused me

A thoroughly confused Yinda

Well it should not cost alot I am with tiscali and I pay 15quid a month but I bought my wireless router for £99 on its own, as I only get 1MB off my phone line coz bt are rubbish and wont upgrade the phone line


Here is a very quick basic guide.

The intrenet will be provided via a phone line (ADSL - BT, Bulldog…etc) or cable (NTL, TELEWEST, BLUEYONDER…etc). The simple way to tell is if they use a small white box that comes out ure phone line (a filter) u have an ADSL connection.

The internet provider may provide one of the few items:

A standard modem - this will connect wired via USB or ethernet to ure PC

A wireless point - a modem that will allow one wired computer and several wireless.

or A wireless router - a modem that will split the internet to several wired pc and several wireless.

The likleyhood is they will provide number 2. If they provide number 1 u can buy a wireless router for £30 - £100, i would recommend spending £45 on a linksys wireless router as they are very good. But netgear is slightly more basic to set up.

Make sure u buy the right router for ure provider as there are ADSL routers and Cable Routers. They are not interchangable.

Also line rental ranges from £12.99 - £30 or so a month depending on speed and type of connection.

Most providers will set up for free providing u sign up for a year.

Make sure your make use of the security setting and features built in to the wireless package you deploy. Otherwise you will be giving people the opportunity to ‘piggy back’ on your connection for free and this can affect performance and security.