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I had fun yesterday. I’m in the process of moving offices (work in Trafalgar Square for homeless Charity - I’m the IT&Premises Manager). Rode to work on Sunday and was going into Parliament Square at 7.30am when I happened to bin the bike on a lovely big (length of one side of the square) diesel spill. First thing I did was make damn sure I did not get run over by cars behind me and then I got a bystander to phone 999 for Fire Brigade to sort the spill asap. Stopped a couple of other bikers from coming a cropper too. Was attended by two very helpful officers, did the SOP etc… and breathalised for first time in my life! Just as well I only had a Pimms/Lemonade the night before! CAD 2972/08

Diesel spill was very fresh and my clothes were soaked as well. Bike has bungs, but still has damage to engine cover and fairing panel/indicator. I’ve got a wonderfully bruised hip and fractured toe. Foot is like a balloon. Managed to get to A&E by 5pm in the evening as I had to work and sort servers, LAN connections and what not. Such is life.

Any hoo, not bleating or what not, but how can I get CCTV camera coverage of Parliament Square just off Westminster Bridge so that I can find the perpatrator. Had a squint at Westminster Council’s page, and other them admitting that they have massive/hi tech/parking/Hi-Res/speeding/fining/Congestion coverage, no ideas on how to get the imagery for that area.

Basically I want that driver hung out to dry for a while. Insult to injury on my 6K mileage Sprint RS that was absolutely mint…

Sorry to hear about your off…There are probably lots of cameras covering where this happened… some owned by Westminster Council, who I’m pretty sure won’t release CCTV to you, some will be run by the Police - and they’ll probably be traffic monitoring cameras, and they aren’t routinely recorded. Some will be run by government departments and local private businesses…I’m sure the former wouldn’t release their CCTV footage to you, the latter might, but almost certainly won’t.

Your accident appears to have been fully reported by the officers who attended. I can only suggest you contact the Traffic Criminal Justice Unit . If you phone the non emergency number for Westminster Police - 020 7240 1212, they should either put you through to them or give you a direct line. Then ask them to investigate who dropped the diesel and point out that there are lots of cameras covering the area and that they might want to have a look at the footage. I’m not sure how far you’ll get with it mind, but at least you will have tried. It will take the Traffic Criminal Justice Unit up to a week to get a copy of the accident book due to the efficiency of the Met Police internal post system.

Good Luck…I’ve just looked at the Met Police web site, and a link to some FAQs…apparently we don’t look at CCTV for this kind of thing - so you’re on your own, and unlikely to get anywhere I’m afraid :frowning:http://www.askthe.police.uk/content/Q1000371.htm

Unlucky mate, it seems its another case of Londons CCTVs not serving a decent purpose. This is something that really grips me, people are getting paid to monitor these CCTVs and one has to wonder what they actually do when they see a crime committed. The impression I get is that they watch people getting mugged/robbed/assaulted etc and then either do nothing or call the plod once the incidents over! Then just try and get access to the footage and you will be hit with some data protection BS. I think its outrageous that the cops wont check it for this type of incident either, is someone’s carelessness that can potentially cause multiple deaths in the city centre not important enough? If I ride in a f*****g bus lane or don’t pay the congestion charge for my car you bet the council wont miss that from their CCTVs.

Morning rant over.


Sorry to hear of your off Makman and I hope you and your bike get fixed quickly. Thanks for the warning - I too work in Traf Square and will be riding on Parly Square this morning in about 30 minutes, carefully…

Johnse1 (23/06/2008)

…I’ve just looked at the Met Police web site, and a link to some FAQs…apparently we don’t look at CCTV for this kind of thing - so you’re on your own, and unlikely to get anywhere I’m afraid :frowning:http://www.askthe.police.uk/content/Q1000371.htm[/quote] +1…CCTV can be used by Police for the purposes of Fatal collisions or serious injury (life threatening) but not by the general public for private purposes.

Porkscratchin (23/06/2008)

It annoys me a little to be honest…I’ve lost count of the times I’ve had to wade through hours and hours of CCTV for a common assault or some other nonsense, but when it comes to an RTA it’s not important enough… minor teddy bear throwing moment now over:)

Porkscratchin (23/06/2008)

can he not use the freedom of info act in some way to justify access to a certain timeframe of the CCTV archives of that day?if it was a fresh spill could he have a good case for looking through the last few hours worth quickly?

Thanks for the info people. I may well take a case out against Westminster Council for the diesel spill and see where that goes. Any ideas on how to do this?

I would get in contact with a firm of solicitors specialising in bike related stuff …usually adverts in the back of MCN or bike magazines… Be careful dealing with No Win No Fee people… some of them are only interested in settling the case as quickly as possible with the minimum expense of their part. Most solicitors these days will give you a consultation for free to discuss whether you actually have a case.

There is the possibility of using the small claims route, as I assume your damage is less than £5k. But I don’t think you can sue for personal injury in the small claims court, and you may find it very troublesome as you’ll be taking on a large organisation with it’s own legal department.

Good Luck

OrangeSpoon (23/06/2008)

Sorry about your off. I’d have thought freedom of information act as well but you’ll have to be quick as I don’t know the time frame for keeping the video/film.Best of luck with it

Porkscratchin (23/06/2008)


darrylj (23/06/2008)

Pardon my ignorance in this, a quick question?

Is there a Road Traffic Act violation here? If there is… then maybe, perhaps it could be pushed on the potential to cause serious injury side…ish…sort of…??? :unsure:

The driver/owner/keeper of the vehicle which lost the diesel may well have committed a host of offences, however without witnesses, and the fact that they won’t investigate the CCTV there’s no chance of a prosecution. To be honest even with CCTV the chances of spotting which particular HGV/Bus/Car lost the diesel is slim. If makman had been unfortunate enough to suffer life threatening or life changing injuries then someone would go through the CCTV. But it would be a needle in a haystack kind of thing…

Oh…:frowning: Like I said pardon my ignorance…Well best of luck anyway makman and thanks for the reply.

If no-one will look at the CCTV - write a letter to your MP ASAP.

Remember he has votes to worry about.

While sorry for the victim, I have to smile that the “public safety cameras” that litter our country are not there for public safety at all.

We are the most watched and recorded country in the world and we still cant get access to the information of the most basic sort about a public (o.k, rider) injury.

I think it’s time I moved country.


Easiest is to go and get money from the MIB.