Quick post/reply feature now working!

Posting a new topic in a forum, or replying to a topic is much easier now. The quick post/reply boxes are showing at the bottom of forum pages and topic pages.

Definitely a good feature, really useful and quick!

Glad that’s working, but when I try to add a picture or a link using quick reply, it doesn’t work. Have they been disabled temporarily?

Nope. That should work :-/

Same prob as recorded earlier for inserting images/uploading. But I can attach stuff now, which I couldn’t before. :slight_smile:

I tried to post a pic and no can do:crazy:

Oh yes, image inserts will not work, but if you attach, it will. You have to do a normal post to do that though, not a quick post.

testing normal reply, image insert (upload).

busted. :frowning: When I click add image I get a london bikers logo in the upload image box.

[Chrome on WinXP]

quick reply add image (upload) exactly as above - fails and LB logo fills the upload box. :crying:

horrah! image attached :smiley: and what am image!! :stuck_out_tongue:



Yeah, I did say that image inserts weren’t working. Good to know you lot read what I say :slight_smile:

Oh we read. We just don’t believe! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in IT, it ain’t delivered until I’ve personally tested it - ideally an automated test ! :smiley: