Quick introduction

Hey Guys an’ Gals.

My name is John, i live in a town called new milton, a bit west of southampton, got plenty of mates up and around london though.

Iv been driving a Honda CBR-125 since last june, sadly though thats now out in france permanently so im waiting for to get my hands on a yamaha yzf r-125 around april time :smiley:

Hope to drop by n meet you all before then up at one of these regular meets.


Welcome to LB :wink:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi and welcome john, hoping to get down your way this summer, wanna get to the meet at poole quay :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to LB:)


Hello & Welcome :smiley:

You lorry drivers are all the same:D

Hello & welcome

Hope to get down to your neck of the woods come summertime:cool:

Hi fella

Had a brain storm then and had to read your post again…it said Southampton…so your a saints kinda guy then??? 26 miles eat is better, seperated by the M27…only joking, hello again and plenty of mates in z army that are from that cursed city!!!