Quick introduction - New joiner in south east london

Hi all,

Hope everyone’s well and managing to stay sane on two wheels this year!

A brief hello from me, ive had a bike for over 12 years now, with my annual mileage down this year and last, Im looking to spend way more time on my triple! So looking forward to hopefully joining you on a few ride outs.

Way back 12 odd years ago i joined a 125 ride out on this forum, just after i passed my CBT. I really enjoyed the day, however i moved out of London so i didn’t join another. Fast forward to now, im back in London and hoping to join a few ride outs soon.

I own a 2007 Street triple 675, roulette green and looking forward to getting out with you guys soon.


Welcome to the madhouse!
As you will hopefully find out LB is full of helpful friendly folk with dubious humour!

Hope to see you in a Rideout soon

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Welcome to a fellow G :+1:t2:

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But you’re an N. :thinking::laughing:

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Welcome back. Ride outs ain’t what they used to be but they’re still a thing.

Cheers all. are the weekly borough meetings going ahead? the bikes in the mechanics at the minute, so will be a couple of weeks before i can join.

Like the ride outs the Borough Market meet fell by the wayside due to the Lockdown Regulations. Most of who attended seemed to work in the offices near by. With working from home being what it is who knows the Borough Market meet may be a thing of the past or, it may flourish once again as the working from home office workers feel the need to get out and meet folk IRL.

Welcome back! Nice bike choice.

Yeah, but can you make up some hardwood French doors for me?


not that kind of joiner!


You’ll have to excuse others here. @Panagiotis started a pun thread a while back and ever since everyone adds puns on random threads.

To be fair, it’s been rivetting


I wouldn’t say it’s riveting, more like soldering on.

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i created the pun thread to keep the pun out of other topics but its hard to keep you guys down.


Welcome @Gavinelliott64! Hopefully see you in a rideout soon now that the weather is getting better.

The weekend of 11th - 13th June is looking good. If you fancy a sortie to Leeds, Scotland and back the RBLR1000 is the ride to get you there.

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