Quick Hi

Just a quick hi to all those from the Ace last night! Thanks for welcoming a fellow newcomer.


Cue ‘Westie’…?


Sorry, forgot to say the rest of us were down at BM - see if you can make it next time… :smiley:

Yes yes yes… westie was there! lol :slight_smile:

Westie’s the best at making people feel welcome :smiley:


enlarging the circle of his friends is actually a specialty of his I have been told :slight_smile:

really i thought he was being off with the rather friendly slick haired tight trouser wearing gentleman that wanted to make friends with him :D:P

Haha, you threw me there, you changed your name, thought it was another newbie that I didn’t notice at the ace last night :stuck_out_tongue:

Thought i should be a little less formal! lol

And no from what i hear - slick guy wasnt after Westie at all - he fancied a bit of tiggi… Aint that right!!! lol :w00t:

:sick: please, I am just about to have my dinner!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

hello and welcome

Now either that is a very clever double en tendre or your english is just as cr*p as ever:D

I cannot beileve i have only just read that message as you had Zeph! :P:w00t:

Hello and welcome to LB:D

wellcome to lb have fun