quick hardware question

Sorry for posting it here but need a quick advice.Does anyone of you know what has got better reception- usb dongle wi-fi or wireless pcmcia card? I need it for my laptop and the sensitivity is the most important.
and what is the difference between 802.11b and 802.11g? is the car
which supports both standards better?I need a wi-fi card very urgently.

I found dongles pick up more but tend to get broken very easily as they stick out. I now use a minipci with an external antenna stuck to the back of the screen which is better than dongle or pcm but looks like crap.

The only PCMCIA card I’ve used is the Cisco 350 series and could never get it to connect. Be careful as a lot of PCMCIA cards are actually cardbus 11 cards and don’t work in old laptops.

As to B or G iirc B works upto a theoretical 11Mbps and G upto 55Mbps but both can have their speed doubled dependant on equipment. Which to use depends on what you’re conecting to but I’d get a dual band card.

If you can use a mini pci use one as it’s easy to attach different antenna for varying sensitivety

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the subject is connectivity for a laptop. (connecting it to a network/internet)

‘Dongle’ is a device which uses a USB port. They look like half a pen stuck in your computer.
‘PCMCIA’ is a slot on laptops which allows it to expand to other devices. It is a credit card size slot.

‘802.11b + 802.11g’ - Is the version of the wireless transmission, ‘g’ being 5x faster with 10x (100m) range.

Rottie, reception sensitivity is not a question of USB or PCMCIA… it depends on the quality of the product. But I reccommend the 802.11g (or dual for greater compatibility with other hardware).

But it also depends on what the network is running. no point having 802.11g if the network is only running at 802.11a.

I use Belkin products, PCMCIA cards, and at 802.11g. I can use my lappy in the carpark to my flats, or the local pub (not that its the kinda place to have a laptop going).

thx a lot guys. I knew I can count on you…:*
I have wi-fi built in in my laptop but reception is very very poor.
I’m using my phone at the moment, the wi-fi in it is much better, but it’s a pain in the a&s to type that post for example that’s why I wanna buy a external wi-fi device for my laptop.

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If you already have an internal card go here www.solwise.com and get a new antenna that goes outside the case. More than doubled my reception.

Look under internal antennas.

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You need a high power PC Card (PCMCIA) WiFi adapter. Buffalo makes an excellent one that so powerful that it’s illegal (but still possible) to attach an external anntenna (something about warping the space time continuum…). Read about it at http://www.buffalo-technology.com/products/product-detail.php?productid=119&categoryid=28.

Thanks a lot guys, but I bought already a USB dongle, 802.11b & g for £14 with postage. Just waiting fo it now…

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