Quick, everyone go to your windows NOW!

Look, can you see that really bright thing in the sky… don’t look too close cos you’ll hurt your eyes, but remember this day children… that’s called


I never thought I’d see this day… . if only my poor mum were alive, she’d be speechless. I remember stories from when I was a child on my Grandad’s knee. Amazing stories of “short trousers”, the terrors of sun burn, can you imagine, being burnt by seeing too much sun, and the magical “sunblock cream” in its brightly colored bottle… you’d wipe it all over yourself to protect your skin

I’m almost moved to tears! :slight_smile:

Grand innit…this is the day i’ve waited all winter to see…is it summer yet?:stuck_out_tongue:

what if youre using an Apple Mac? :hehe:

****. I was planning a ‘joke’ along those lines.

Then you’ve already seen the light! :wink:

Well then I’d suggest getting out a bit more, and maybe visiting a book store that sells jokebooks… don’t give up the day job…either of you! :slight_smile:

You too Garret…

Wish I could’ve been outside enjoying the sunshine instead of stuck indoors filling out job apps and researching.

If only I could!
This soul destroying, life draining, no prospect, time wasting crap I currently do for a ‘living’ is getting me down somewhat.

Worse still, I can only hope to have enough money to pay for repairs to the Cat because of problems that suddenly surfaced after attaching a pair of hot grips.

Grrr…jokes? Fk that!

this place is full of ‘comedians’,as ever lol…and i use the term very loosely:hehe: i wonder which brand of xmas crackers they got those jokes out of :stuck_out_tongue:

There was sunshine today ?

I didnt even get a chance to notice :crying:

Yes it was a beautiful day and I don’t work on Fridays so I went for a little ride out Box Hill way and didn’t even need my heated grips on should have taken my sun glasses though. :cool::cool:

Had to go for a little trip to the armpit of South London (Woolwich) today.

Amazing what sunshine will do. Even SE18 looked half decent, but what to wear on the bike?

11 degrees! I’m not sure I can cope with such heat.

It happened again this afternoon. About 3pm I think. Absolutely unreal. Bizarre, a freak of nature. I jumped on the bike and caned it. The roads were a pale, light greyish sort of colour, my visor stayed clean. yeeehaaa. I went to Boxhill. I was alone there. Went home, smiling. :slight_smile:


Was outside xcel engaging in some passive smoking thinking it would be nice to out and about :slight_smile:

Just a few more weeks mate and we can all be out enjoying spring.

I cleaned the bike and ACF-50’d it again. Nice to have had the time to do so. Then today I had a nice ride and got out a bit. Walking on Sunshine Wahooooo, walking on Sunshine arooooo.

Told you to take advantage… snowing outside my window right now…anyone else?!?