Quick blast to H's tomorrow? 12/3/16

Meant to be a barmy 9 degrees tomorrow, and I’ve not been out for pleasure for a good few months. Anyone fancy coming along?

Meet at 10.45 at the ace set off at 11 sharp. Quick lunch stop at the H’s and back to the ace no later than 3.31.

No motorways ( yes 125 friendly)

Gentle pace as I’ve not been out in ages.

Cornermen system if enough people show up.

I’m new here. I’m in.

If I get my head working in the morning, I’ll be there :grinning:


I’ll be heading in the opposite direction for the first weekend in ages, but I’ll try and drop by The Ace on my way to the southern home.

Will be good to see you all.

@Gpaul what bike you on?

Dis one. So how many people are going?



Sounds great, I will see you at H,s. Guess time around 12.30?

Looks like there might be 4 of us, but you never know who might turn up on the day.

@ijg5 yea about that time will be about right.

Good blast out today, cheers Nick.

Also treat to see a few reprobates waiting for us at H Cafe.

Good to see you guys today. Was a good day for a blast!

Edit - Oops, misread a previous post. 

good to see you guys today. Great day out.

Thanks for he camp any Gavin. Had a good time. Good to meet and see everyone else from LB.

well not a bad day for a cruise eh Tim Bandit, good to catch up ay H café.