Questoins question questions...

So, theres a possibility my bike might be written off :pinch: They will pay me the value of the bike and my broker said they might well sell me the wreck as scrap for a nominal fee.


I know shes not a wreck. If i wanted to get her back to the condition before the crash (new parts etc) then yes its really expensive, but with second hand parts i could at least get her back on the road again. So, here are the questions…

  1. My insurance is for a year (paid in full up front). If i rebuild my bike with my own money after they have said it is a write off, will this insurance still be valid? Its the same bike and i will have documents to prove its road worthy…

  2. What is the deal with selling on a written off bike. She is only being written off coz repairing her with all the new parts is more expensive than the value of the bike. Like i said, there really is nothing seriuosly wrong with her except smashed up front and a bent brake disc. If i repair this shell be as good as new.

  3. The number plate is English. I can get the tax on line but do i need to get English MOT or would an Italian equivalent be ok (it runs out 16th July…)

Ahhhhh, so many questions so little time…

answer to no 1 yes it wont be a problem

no 2 if they write it off because of it being an uneconomical repair it will go into poss cat D and as along as you delcare this when selling it, it wont be a problem, it wont be worth as much as a normal one and a lot of people prob wont buy it after this.

as for no 3 cant answer that one.

You will need an English MOT to tax it. They are all recorded now on computer and when you tax on line they link it via the reg number you enter.
+1 with the other answers from andy.

Hmmm. I thought that if the insurance company write-off your vehicle and you agree a pay-out the insurance is void. I would definitely get that one checked with your insurance company. If it wasn’t a total write-off then I believe they have to honour the remainder of the policy but if there is no vehicle, there surely is no policy?

If you decide to then buy the written-off vehicle from them and make it road-worthy then as Andy says, you have to declare that which will most likely lower the price. If your insurance company notifies DVLA that it is written off then I believe you have to have a vehicle inspection, so ensure they don’t do this before you buy it back.

I’ve had a look around the Internet for an answer to your number 3 but can find nothing.

might help you if (like me) you’ve no idea what the different cat’s of insurance write offs are.

Good luck

Hang on, hang on.:cool:

Let’s not forget that this bike is in Italy and is currently insured by a German Insurance company.

The answer to Alice’s questions could be different. Are we sure that the Germans have write off categories the same as UK? Also are we sure the insurance would notify DVLC?

If I was you Alice I would try and get the answers closer to home sweetheart x

Infact its a little more complicated. My 3rd party is in Luxumberg (???) but i believe my fully comp part is English. But you are quite right, prob best to talk to the broker. Thanks guys x

Blimey you dont do things by half do ya ? Is it a blond thing to make stuff sooo complicated ? :smiley:

Fighter it, its easier and cheaper! Who needs that fairing anyway?:smiley:

I thought it was normal policy that if a total loss claim was made, then the policy would be spent.

However, last year I claimed when a bike was stolen & my insurance company continued the policy onto my new bike at no extra cost.

Believe me it was easier than trying to get plates changed out here in italy - centre of the universe for buerocracy, red tape and paper work!!!