Questions needed for Riders at MotoGP Press Conference

Lou and I are waddling along to Silverstone next week to interview Lorenzo, Hayden and Redding at the MotoGP press conference.

So can we have some questions and who you want them directed at please!

I want to know if Hayden plucks his eyebrows or uses a pencil

Tell Nicky I said hello and ask him what he thinks of Buells and how they were brushed under the carpet by HD.

Who’s HD?

Harley Davidson

PS. How’s the bump?

Oh I see! Sorry, feel like a bit of a divvy for asking - so many abbreviations for HD these days lol :rolleyes:

Baby bump is good, thanks. Just on the big count down now :smiley:

Ask Lorenzo if he visited Rossi in hospital and did the dance below around his bed.

ask Lorenzo if he has been to Sparta (or Greece) - he is a big fan on ‘300’ comic

for all:
In reference to what Philip Starck said when commenting about he design for the Pramac livery at Mugello - Do you think there will be an electrically powered MotoGP class in the future?
When might that be? 5/10/20 years?

Some might say that a racer’s thirst for competition is constant (everyone knows about Rossi’s flirtation with F1), what do you see yourself doing after MotoGP? Competition of any kind?

What are your views on the Moto2 class so far?
Many people find that the lack of rider aids, larger paddock/ greater competition and ‘level playing field’ makes it more exciting, what do you think in comparison with MotoGP?

ask Lorenzo if he thinks rossi’s haircut is gay…and are gp riders too pussy to do the isle of mann TT?smiled:).

ask nicky who his racing roll model was growing up

can you ask them from me, what is there method of taking a poo wearing 1part leathers?

FFS! It’s worse than last time with birds asking for threesomes and people needing catsitters!

C’mon people - constructive questions please, no matter how easy you might think they are, at least LB can approach these guys with something they might want to actually answer.

Just sayin’! :wink:

(if you’re not interested in MotoGP, don’t post, simple right!?)

Do the riders in the MotoGP think that Moto2 is better training to progress MotoGP than the old 250 class?

Given the Moto2 teams all have the same engines and cannot tamper with them, what ways have they found to develop the bikes for their riders? (If there are any Moto2 riders are around)

Now Valentino is not in the running for the championship, who do they think may take the crown this year and which team the manufacturers championship?

ask if he’s currently a mentor for any up coming riders

if so who are they

what will they do once they retire from moto gp

For redding ask him how moto2 compares for him to 125 and what his expectations are for the rest of the season