Hello to all :slight_smile:
I would like to ask you about the intercom for 2 people.
I so on ebay.
And I thought maybe some of you boys and girls was have more information?
What should i know before baying ?
Thank You

I considered these, but between you and I, the only peace I get around Mrs Scorch is when she is on the back of the bike in a full face helmet. I tell her they’re dangerous because they distract the rider :wink:

Yep I understand but
On the long distance if I would like to say some thing ore ask
From beginning i thought it’s good idea…

Scala g4 powerset is all you will need :slight_smile:

I had a set like the ones you are looking at on eBay
Did not work
I know the scala g4s cost more but they do work

Ones I so instructor for CBT hi was have good one but If any one know what I mean… But I would like to have 2 people income good one not i cheap she…