Question on parking bay etiquette.

Usually I’m in early and pick the end space in the bay I park in.

Today I parked up by a scooter (left side) on its centre stand, checking there was space enough for me to lean it over without blocking in its wanky wide bars and mirrors.

Turned up this evening and my bike and the one parked on the right of mine (regular/good parker) had been dragged in towards said wanky scooter, jamming mine in so tight I had to move three machines back out a fair bit to get mine upright and squeezed out, arms over the mirror style.

There was a scooter wedged in slight further down that looked the culprit.

Am a spolit tart for complaining?

Or is it cool to touch up others bikes and move them around?

Can I mash my gum into his ignition nextime?

Or should I wait round for the bike molester to turn up and explain in a calm polite even tone of voice that I’m mashing his face in with my lock because he was naughty?

Can I mash my gum into his ignition nextime?

yes yes yes then shove banana up the owners er exhaust:D

I have heard of a KTM rider who, on finding a scoot jammed in so tight there was no way to get his bike out, took the scoot out of the bay, lifted it onto a double yellow line and left it there.

Can’t condone such behaviour, clearly.

Lol love it

priceless!! :smiley:

We regularly drag scoots onto yellow lines & leave them there because they ram themselves into the bay so tight no one can move. High Holborn area btw - but we are trying to get them to park down one side and put the big bikes down the other… [email protected] :angry: Do what you have to do! Q

:D:D:D some of them do this in the works car park, unfortunately CCTV would view any such activities so no go at work, go boy whilst you can!!!

Good good, didnt want to appear unreasonable or over react.

So just to summarise, scooter/steering lock not on/no alarm/no locks/relocate to non parking area or canal. Check!

Upward facing nail or pin in centre of foam seat was going to far, I understand that now and have moved on.

Personally I don’t think it’s right to move a scooter - for all you know someone else has stuck their scooter up close to your bike to fit theirs in… you never know what goes on throughout the day…

I don’t have a problem with moving scooters but I would always put them back…

If I see someone being a dick (trying to fit scooter in space for skateboard) as I’m parking, then I tell them off…

I’m always playing scooter tetris trying to make space for my bike

Some people will leave enough space for 3/4 of a bike between theirs and the next, which is pretty stupid as everyone knows parking space is limited

The dragging onto yellow line idea is priceless

The same thing happen to me when I used park in the city. Many times my little 125 was wedged with scoots either side. They had scratched the fairing and paint work, there were times when I would have to wait gone 7pm to get my bike out because I couldn’t get to it. At the time, I used call my ex boyf to come and help me as I couldn’t physically move it

From what I’ve seen in the city it’s a free for all. I’d be cautious about doing a something to someone’s scooter. It may have been the 4th or 5th person who arrived that moved all the bikes. I’d just try and ride a hack and put up with it.

I’ve watched scooter riders stand at the front and push their scooters between bikes. I used to park in public bays round behind harrods and my tank had scooter rash down both sides.

like Serissan said… you dont really know who moved what? by the time you get back to the bay after 8 hours of work, someone else could have moved the scooter parked left and another innocent guy parked in what he thought was plenty of room.

no point on taking it out on someone that could be innocent… just move the bikes and leave…

I have now got a good two or three scratches on the sides of my bike from idiot scooter owners shoehorning them in. I really like that idea of moving them in onto yellow lines…

I confess to dragging scoots to make room for my bike, but thats because they park selfishly and leave too much space empty.

However, I will NEVER do anything malicious to someone elses bike because as others have said - its a long day and you dont know if its someone else who has dragged it up close to yours.

I do ride a hack, so im not that bothered by light marks etc.

i used to get infuriated by peoples SCOOTERS whacked on top of my bike. mirror bending is one thing but moving a bike to fit yours in is just wrong. if they accidently knocked my bike over or god forbid had a domino effect with the bikes i doubt they would own up to it!

i leave others bikes well alone but i am acustomed to leaving message on notepaper attached to their bike saying something on the lines of “Don’t ram your f-in portable hairdryer into my bike next time you …” you get the point…

double yellow idea is excellent except your bound to be on CCTV in the city doing it.

I’m not going to be a dick with someones pride and joy, or start being antisocial, unless I catch them redhanded and they are blatantly out of order.

Like the australian fucktard whose exhaust put a long scratch in side panel of my pristine classic vespa.
Didnt get that way from someone moving stuff around.
Wasnt interested in talking to me after I waited for him. Just didnt want to know about the long curl of my paint on the edge of his exhaust.
Told him never to park there again and he didnt. Well he did once more but then suddenly found somewhere else.

Maybe need to make a rule that centre stand stood motors start from the left facing out arse to pavement and side stand stuff from the left.

Luckily round my way its never totally rammed and theres always loads of space in the paid for westminstertheivingbastards bays closer to work.

Would be nice if they painted individual bike bays like you get in a car park but that’s not gonna happen is it…

Nah those wouldn’t work because they would have to paint them large to accommodate big bikes but then if scooters are using one of them each they are taking up more room. We have this system at work and 3 scooters fit easily into 2 bays but seems to be that when they have individual spaces they don’t want to squeeze their bikes in!