Question: Metropolis Barnet Vs. Advantage Wimbledon

Hey guys,

Some of you might remember me, I was very active on the forums about 6 years ago (riding a 125cc Kawasaki Eliminator).

Then I came back for a few days about 3 years ago to tell you guys about my DAS training with Bikewize in North Cheam (who cancelled some training days on me, barely instructed me on the rest of the days, “forgot” to book in my test, and in my view - stole £700 from me).

I’m about to give the DAS another go and get back into riding, but the experience with Bikewize has left me feeling cautious.

I’ve now got the option of two motorcycling schools near my home and near Barnet where I spend a lot of time. One is Advantage Wimbledon and the other is Metropolis Barnet .

Does anyone have a strong feeling as to which is the better option of these two? The cost doesn’t really matter, as long as they don’t F me over like Bikewize did!

I’ve done lots of research online, but am finding mixed reviews for both.

Any opinions welcomed.

Cheers guys.

Hi Dr_P,

I’d give these people a call:

It is run by Terry Moto, and they have had consistently had good reviews.  As for Bikewize, have you though about putting a claim through Small Claims?

Hey Kevsta!

Thanks for the link, I’ve heard good things about these guys.Problem is, it’s going to be pretty much impossible for me to get to Hounslow every day for training. I’ve picked Advantage Wimbledon and Metropolis Barnet because those are two I can get the bus to each morning… :( 

I think I am going to go for the small claims court, yes. Might have left it too long now though, but I shall investigate in January!

Thanks again.

The X26 bus goes from S. London to Heathrow I believe… so you cannot be a million miles away from either bus stops… and get the TERRY MOTO!!!

As the Kevsta says… Top guys at MCT… !!

Thanks for the advice IMORTAL_Indian!

The quickest route to MCT would be a bus and two Tube lines… 1 hour 30 mins each direction :frowning:

Gonna have to take a chance on one of the ones I’ve mentioned I’m afraid!

if you can get to petts wood use DG Rider Training, I did mine there and Dave is a legend. he is also a member of this site.

I know he used to offer free retraining if you failed as well (but that was before the mods so not sure if that may have changed)…

Thanks The Sleeper. That one is even further away though :frowning:

The two I mentioned are both 20-30 mins away by bus. DG Rider Training is 1 hour 40 mins :frowning:

Are the two I’ve mentioned shite?

The problem with this subject is always that we’ve all only done this once (or maybe twice) so few people have much in the way of personal experience to go on besides “When I did it it was at least as good as I was expecting”. I’ve had a bunch of friends go where I did (nlmct) and have a good time, but, again, none of us have compared it with anybody else…

Barnet tends to be the anomaly at Metropolis - genuinely nice and helpful people. If the training’s done by them as a shop then that’s likely to be good, but if it’s a central Metropolis-organised something I’d be more skeptical, but only because of their form as a shop. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard good things about Advantage Wimbledon, but I can’t remember what, why or from whom…

Wish I could help with someone closer to you. If you’d travel out to farnborough/mychett i’d recommend Excellerate MTC who I did my DAS with.

I see your point Big Red S. Guess I was hoping that one had such a good reputation that people insisted I go with them over the other.

I think I’ll call both and try to assess based on how helpful they are.


I bought my bike at metropolis Barnet and they were nothing short of excellent. Unrelated.

Avoid bike strobe in Barnet. Very rushed during my CBT, didn’t really care much, might have been cause it was raining. Not sure if I personally would go to them for lessons again.

Cheers Abzero :slight_smile:

Thanks Skumlordvince - hadn’t heard of Bike Strobe but won’t bother!

Think I’m leaning towards Metropolis Barnet now. I know the roads around there better, too.

Hopefully someone who did their DAS with them will see this thread :slight_smile:

If you are in Wimbledon and can get to Croydon, you have the option of Phoenix Motorcycle Training in New Addington. I must declare an interest, as I work there. The country’s only MCIAC Gold - Standard training school (i.e. we have new bikes, good kit and patient instructors).

Good luck Dr.

I can totally vouch for Stuart patience and determination.
I’ve never seen anyone dedicate all their weekends to fix a ducati for a year and a half without giving up and setting the bastard thing on fire. :smiley:

^^^ Hahaha

To add he’s a lovely bloke too.

Char, me no av no licence here. Me just say I left it back at yard.  Jamaica or maybe it in Barbados, me no remember Mr Babylon.

I can totally vouch for Stuart patience and determination. I've never seen anyone dedicate all their weekends to fix a ducati for a year and a half without giving up and setting the bastard thing on fire. :D silveR6
Massive LOL. The idea did occur to me to be fair...

If we’re all just throwing in places miles away from him, come to romford, academy training is great (well…they were 17 years ago when I passed)

I did my Das through metropolis (Vauxhall) I have to say that the training was excellent, good friendly helpful instructors. I wouldn’t recommend the shop though :slight_smile: Hopefully Barnet will be just as good.