Question for TT fans

Here is a photo taken a few years ago of “Ya Man”, Rocket Ron and Alex George sitting outside the pits waiting for a race to start.Do you know why all three were dressed in Black Leathers?:wink:



It was Hondas ‘black protest’ after their failure to get Graeme Crosby excluded from the 1981 Formula One TT.

Well done that man I take that back… you copied that verbatim from a website courtesy of Google:angry:

OK seeing as someone got the answer by google… who can tell me what the protest was about?:cool:

Was it something to do with a tactical start delay? :unsure:

Kind of ish;)

Was it because he was declared the winner after someone else had already been announced as the winner? Time allowance hadn’t been added on by accident, or something?

I have a Kiwi mate who went on about it ad nauseum during last summer.

Before my time but i’ve read about it before. It was something along the lines of whats above about somebody winning on a honda then being told they hadn’t won and they were 2nd to a suzuki and Honda japan wanted to boycott the TT that year or something like that?

Close - It was the 1981 Formula One race when Graeme Crosby started at the back of the field because he missed his alloted start slot and won, This was after Mick Grant had been anounced the winner, and it was this that led to the Honda “Black Protest” where they sprayed all the bikes black and had all black leathers made overnight by Manx Leathers.:slight_smile: