question for the masses

I have an idea which I’m debating with regards to getting cloths to work without having to iron them when I get in.

So question how many people on here ride in with their clothes in a bag and find the mangled when you get to the other end.

the idea I have would be a bag of sorts and looking to get them going for about £15ish a piece (to give a rough price guide).

so looking to see who might be interested. as this could work for cyclists as well as bikers but as I know you lot it is a good place to start.

I sometimes need a smart shirt at work but not to the extent that it has to be flawless. Tend to iron it and then fold it and put in a waterproof rucksack- no problems. Trousers (and suit jackets) I just roll up- also no problems.

i dont have a dress code at work so i ride in what i want but it sounds like a good idea, intrigued as to how it would keep things neat

Someone i worked for ages ago used to leave his suits and shirts at work and would drop the shirts off at the local dry cleaners once a week and they’d bring them back clean and ironed. only useful if you’ve got space/a cupboard to leave them in.
Lucky for me, I don’t need to be suited and booted for work :smiley:

Roll em, easy peasey.:slight_smile:

I leave the suit and work shoes at work and ride in in my Draggin’ jeans and the shirt I had ironed that morning (the bike jacket doesn’t crease it very much).

I take a few shirts each week and leave them in my locker, the only thing is that you have to take the car when brining in a fresh batch… shoes, trousers and gel at work!

Hmmm I do this but the collar just gets filthy (or maybe I just need to shower more often :P)

Been years since I needed to wear a shirt to work, but when I did I used to fold the collar underneath so as it’s between your skin & the rest of the shirt, then pop it back out once I’d taken the jacket off.

My collar does get dirty now and then but I just wash it at work and blow dry it. Great idea though to fold the collar up, I’ll be doing that in future so thanks for the info, Pat :smiley:

I wear my suit under the draggin jeans and leather jacket.
Seems to work for me, but I only have a 20 min commute.

Also I wear a Buff around my neck and that totally protects the shirt from Grime.

I have my shoes at work and bring in a pair of trousers in a backpack and a shirt that I wear.

Shirt does get slightly creased and collar does get black… but I am thinking of buying an undershirt and bringing the shirt in the backpack as well

I wear what I’m wearing for the day under my bike clothes. Shirt and trousers

Leather jacket on my top half, alpinestars cordura type overtrousers on my bottom half. Hair gel, shoes and belt left at work

If I have a meeting at a client then the stuff goes in my bag and gets taken there

I don’t have a dress code at my work these days, but at my old work I used to cycle and I would leave my suit there are take a shirt in my bag each day. The shirt didn’t get too creased on the 20 min ride, and fortunately I had a shower at work so I could cycle in, have a shower and then get dressed properly at work.


Yep, same as many others - suit & shoes left at work, ironed shirt worn underneath HG jacket. I do 60 miles each way and so far have not looked too much of a state.

I’ve even gone to client meetings (pharmaceutical companies) on my bike & changed in the car park (putting the carefuly folded suit jacket & shoes in my top box and wearing the shirt and trousers under textiles). Fine whilst the weather is good but I’m sure I couldn’t do this come winter!

Sleeper you might want to look at some answers in this thread as well :wink:

I do this year round. I’m a consultant so work with lots of different companies

I get changed in their disabled toilet, 95% of companies have one of these in reception area.
I take a large folding holdall and chuck all my kit in that. Take it into the meetings with me or leave it somewhere (like with security). When its over I put all my stuff back on, fold up the holdall and stick it back in my pack. No changing in car parks as I find it looks worse doing that outside and if its raining I get soaked!

I used to have a topbox on my old bike but on my new bike I’ve been making do with tailpack or rucksack. So far so good

I used to take a fresh shirt to work when needed carefully folded around an a4 note pad and sealed into a self sealing freezer bag. I kept a couple of ties, a decent pair of shoes and a suit in my locker.

Then thought “WTF!” and developed a reputation as the “casual dress man”. AKA, scruffy bastard.

I figured they were paying me for my ability, not to be a clothes horse. My last visit to the House of Commons, I was the one in a clean tee shirt and jeans, motorcycle boots and carrying the fabrics.

(Security managed to find my lost spare bike key in the jacket lining so that was a result.)