Question For The Girls

Hot, humid, sunny weather, tights why??? :unsure:

lol depends if youve shaved your legs or not (or whether youve got blemishes or bruises on your legs) :smiley:

or varicous veins…

Kev maybe they’re stockings…slather…slather…:wink:

Never wear them…never wear a skirt. When ya got two huge tree trunks like mine its better to keep them hidden. :smiley:

Only had to wear tights/stockings in the summer when it was part of the uniform.

I don’t wear a uniform to work anymore, so I have no idea why people wear them when they don’t have to

they help me slip into my leathers easier…:Whistling:

to keep the smell in:D

Urghhhhhh Dazza thats disgusting!!!:w00t:

Why do women wear tights under there jeans, surely it must get musky under all that.

nature made you lot that way:P

I did wonder why you walked a little strange.

it makes your legs look smooth and they cover the cellulites and horrible marks

and if you are wearing hotpants it makes the legs look tone and slender (sheer ones )

lol you lot are just wrong:hehe::hehe:i wear stockings under my leathers i love the feel of em. :hehe:

I never wear them, never really have apart from when I was at school. Don’t give two hoots whether I have bruises veins or whatever else because (and the avatar contradicts this completely) I very rarely wear a skirt anyway and I’d rather endure hours of mocking for bad legs than the discomfort of wearing them. Eeeeeewwwwww.

And looking at your avatar i dont think you would need to cover up those legs :wink:

We know you and you are a perv!

Who is :hehe:

I actually laughed out loud at that.

Agree with PPG but also thinking that perhaps it’s because their legs are really pasty white

Well take them off then :wink: You haven’t got the legs for them anyway :stuck_out_tongue: