question for the boys in blue

I asked this in a post the other day but don’t think it was answered.

It seems that I see more and more people on their phones these days whilst driving.

My question was,

If i bought a video camera for my crash hat, and I recorded the car, number plate and driver, whilst the driver was on the phone…

If I were to send this in could it be used to get them?

because it seems to be getting silly out there and I recon it will be someone on the phone that is going to take me out.

Only guessing, but I suspect the police would not want to know, they’re far too busy with other things these days and it’s probably against someones human rights.
But it’s a good idea to get a helmet cam. I try to record all the short trips I make around London, next time I’m knocked off what better evidence can you have. Unless it was me doing something stupid that is :smiley:

Friend of mine was out on his bike in Beckenham towards the end of last week. Riding along just above the speed limit and gets overtaken by a chap on an R6 who was busy texting.

I saw a bloke on a scooter down the old kent road doing the same thing…

Great idea but i guess the Police wouldn’t be interested, i see lots of people holding the phone from there ear whilst on speakerphone, i guess they think this is acceptable :crazy:

Technically speaking yes - Your footage could be used in evidence, but you would have to provide a statement detailing day,date,time & place and what you saw, exhibiting the master tape of the recording, and dealing with it’s continuity from opening the packet on the tape or recording medium until handing it to someone else who takes responsibility for it. Your recording equipment would have to be available for scruitiny by any number of people acting on behalf of the defence (or indeed the prosecution). In the real world of course - no action will be taken without an accident occuring - there are far too many allegations of dangerous/careless and inconsiderate driving made for the police to deal with them all properly. I’m sorry to say you would be wasting your time.

I have a perfect idea it has just come to me…

You can get thse things that bloke mobile phone signals right? ok well can you get mobile ones, if everyone was to fit them to their bikes, and see some one on the phone you could ride along side so they cannot make the call.

But people only make really important calls when they’re driving, so you could be getting in the way of some reeeeeaaaally important…! :doze:

I’ve always found a good ratta tat tat on the window, possibly followed by some lip where necessary, has a good reaction!

I reckon that would backfire - someone’s halfway through a call then it dies, the first thing they’re probably gonna do is look at the phone screen, so then you have a combination of mentally distracted AND eyes off the road, not good methinks…

Thats what I reckon.
They’d be going ‘WTF?’ and shaking their phone peering at it, and would be even less likely to be concentrating on driving than they are already.

Good idea, but in principle, sadly, its prolly shrouded in Fail.

I would like to see a law passed that said if you see someone on their mobile phone whilst driving you are within your rights to smash through their window with your armoured glove, grab the phone and throw it as far as you can… bonus points are awarded for being on a bridge at the time:D

I witness loads of people on my journey to work on the phone - they are normally the same people who are intent on killing me on my bike. I am lucky - when I get to work I’m in a position to do something about it, and it’s one of the few traffic offences where I have zero tolerance. If I see you on a phone - and I’m on duty and in a position to do something about it, you’re getting a ticket/reported. End of.

A while ago, I was actually thinking of setting up a website (something along the lines of if that hadn’t been taken already), that would have Youtube clips of any blatant offences, which users can upload. No, it wouldn’t do anything legally, but hopefully, particularly if it’s vans etc with company names, it would get some interest and maybe, there would be a small chance it would make people think. Even if it would mean only 1 or 2 people would be put off, it’d be worth it imho.
I may do this if people think it’d be a good idea. is still available. Anybody think that’d be a good one?

I can understand your anger somewhat, as it seems on the surface this mobile phone law was passed then strengthened but no one is taking a blind bit of notice, and the police are doing nothing. But then there has been a terrific increase in hands free kits. Plus I know people who have been stopped by the police for mobile phone use and there are even posts on this site about police blitzes. So perhaps in balance things have got better than before the law was passed. Though you don’t have to go many meters down the road to see a driver heading towards you on the phone.

On the website idea you need to be prepared to put in a lot of work getting it up and running then promoting and moderating it. If you do go ahead make sure you use whois optout when registering the domain and avoid using a British registration company. In fact the UK police have links with the US and should anything go wrong a site can be pulled quite quickly if hosted in either the UK or US. But as you may know already you can never completely hide on the Internet so protect yourself as much as possible. But be prepared one day to face a legal challenge from some company with a huge well funded legal department just cos they can sometimes.

One other thought is unless you were getting millions of downloads a day it will not have the effect you want on individuals or companies. What would be the attraction for millions of people to regularly visit such a site, and what percentage of those visitors would go on to perhaps boycott that company.

Sorry to be pouring cold water on your idea, and I’m all for direct action, but I think you will end up getting more grief than it’s worth on this one.

Thanks for the consideration. I have numerous domains registered on my name and hire my own dedicated server. This is all hosted in the UK, and I’m not worried about the legal actions, I’m not trying to hide anything.
For this idea I was thinking videos would be hosted on Youtube, pictures linked from somewhere else (wherever the “contributer” wants them), so no huge bandwidth cost here, and the legal aspect would be deffered.
Now, the thing about the legal issue though is that it would take somebody having to admit that it’s them on the pic or video and that they were doing something stupid and illegal before asking to take the content down, which is a good story in itself.

I wasn’t thinking of doing this for mobile phone users only, anybody behaving like an idiot would find a place on :wink:

Was sat at traffic lights in Roehampton the other day next to a huge tipper truck whose driver was deeply engrossed in conversation on his mobile. I pointed this out to 2 passing PCSO’s (you know, Powerless Community Support Officers, eyes and ears of the police my arse) who sheepishly mumbled they were unable to do anything about it. Not their fault I guess, but hey, not mine either.Just gotta try and give these idiots as wide a berth as we can…drivers on mobiles that is, not PCSO’s! (…though on second thoughts…) :smiley:

Now thats what I like to hear, If all coppers were like you, the already small community of bikers wouldnt be getting any smaller, by numbtys on their god damn phones.I vote Johnse1 for Mayor of London, what say you