Question for an electriciannnnnnn

Afternoon all,

trust everyone is keeping safe, I’m sure like every man in the UK at the moment, working my way around the house doing all those small jobs that have been waiting forever.

This leads onto mine nicely, I have a hikvision doorbell (like a ring version but different) i’ve worked out where to put it and I’ll use the existing trunking to get it into my house.

My question, is this suitable 12v cable? I need abur 10-15m so length is ok, but would rather someone in the know confirm

i might be being silly, but cant see the cross sectional area of it? thats what defines how much current it can take. We’ll also need to know what the current draw if the doorbell is (i assume its minimal, so a small cable is fine).

not trying to tell you suck eggs, but where are you taking the power from, as youll need the correct size fuse/mcb there too

I got the nest hello and an electrician friend recommended this

works fine

22 AWG (American) is roughly 0.33mm² (metric)

Presumably the 10 to 15m length of two-core cable is to create a 20 to 30m circuit. So to me that cable sounds far too thin to me, but I am not an electrician.

Using the calculator below, 1A with a 3% voltage drop on a 20m circuit requires a cross section of 1.92 mm², which would be 14 AWG. 30m would be 2.87mm² / 13 AWG.
Power Consumption Max: 0.6 A

its abit on the small side but should be fine

This can just be spurred off your lighting circuit, requires a 240V to 12V transformer. The wiring to the transformer needs to be rated to the current that your lighting circuit breaker is on - usually 6A or 10A. For this, 1.5mm2 twin and earth is used.

After the transformer, you will just need cable rated for the same output or greater than the transformer supplies. The stuff you originally linked is expensive, you’ll need to get twin and earth for the lighting circuit spur, just use this the other side of your transformer it will be massive overkill but the cheapest option.

I’m not an electrician, but I’ve rewired my house