question about the Choke on my bike


As I’m still getting used to all the niggles on my bike, the question I have is.

I know I have to leave the choke open until the engine is warm, once warm if I leave the choke open could it stall the bike or just over rev it?

It will over rev it when you come to a stop, and will feel a bit groggy, so best just to switch it off when you get away.

only bike i had with a manual choke (loaned by a mate) would start on the choke but wouldnt’ run on it (or even on partial choke for that matter). and the choke switch was in the engine which was flippin awkward!

chokes on the bandit etc can be reduced down gradually if you need to ride out whilst the bike is still cold

full choke is just really to get it started and warmed up.

that is basically what is happening to me. starts and runs fine on the choke, after about 5 mins it gets upset and stalls however looking at the temo gauge I’m not sure it is warm enough but tonight as soon as it starts to stutter I will turn it off and see what happens.

on mine i very very rarely would start on full choke, usually half way, then once its started id turn it down a wee bit, after few mins, u shud be able to turn it off, but be carefull when slowing down, as the bike is revving higher it will want to keep going…

Mine does not like full choke, it is hard to explain what I mean if anyone is at the meet tonight (I will be there from 6:15 till about 7:30) would love to have a chat and show you what I mean.

Mine only rarely starts without full choke, but only needs about 20 secs before I turn it halfway, let it warm up for a few mins, then can close it (or if I forget then I get the overrevving and groggy feel, then I switch it off).

So I guess there are many different answers to this one!

Mine with the choke on full will start on one cylinder, and on one cylinder is very touchy, you can’t move the throttle at all. Once the second cylinder kicks in, you can basically forget the choke, sometimes i forget it is still on.

Would do a few checks on it as well,

Float level
A/F Mix screws

Or if you want to set it up right (not the factory settings) so that it runs smoother with a bit more pep, do a stage 1 kit from Dale Walkers Holeshot Performance. Bike runs soooooooo much better and not as many issues on cold starts… well not in my case or several other friends with Bandits!!

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