Question about Taxis


I am merely asking for clarification on a law because I am unsure.

I want to know what the rules are on London cabs stopping to drop people off on a single lane and thus blocking the entire lane, even for cyclists/bikers.

Now let me clarify this is a double yellow, peak hours, right after an extremely busy junction and therefore holding up a lot of traffic. Cab stops for a good 30 seconds + which feels like an age in London.

Location to paint a better picture (the chicane).

they are allowed to stop on red zones too. Its part of london life… :slight_smile:

Was just going to say that, I’ve dozens of black cabs holding up traffic on Tower Bridge, in total disregard of the two red lines running down each side. Maybe a better question would be to ask what parts of the highway code do London black cabs have to obey? (if any!)

They are actually allowed to pick up/ drop off on reds.

According to TFL website no vehicles are allowed to stop on double red lines. Taxis and disabled are allowed to pick up/drop off on single red.

Minicabs are also allowed to pick up and drop off on Red Routes since 2007.

“From 17 December licensed drivers who display a new ‘Private Hire’ roundel sign on the outside of their vehicle will be allowed to pick up and set down pre-booked passengers, but not park and wait, on red routes.”

They hold you up for 30 seconds? Life is real tough out there sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure how long they stopped for, forced my way round. But after a box junction, that can cause a serious backlog.

My understanding is there is a 2 minute 10 second allowance on double yellows (and I guess reds) for you to stop… not park but stop…

This is the general rule for cctv enforcement of parking regs as far as I know - they take one snap and another 2 min 20 secs later to prove the offence (otherwise you could argue you were actually still moving if there was one picture)

To clarify, they are not allowed to stop on double yellow lines (as OP asked). I know this as Camden are mad hot on fining them for doing so. Take a black cab and see how many are willing to stop in Camden on double yellows :wink:

Hackney Carriages, which is the correct term for a London Taxi or, Black Cab or, whatever else you want to call it have their own Laws, Regulations and quirky rules, its more complex than The Highway Code.

Their motto “Nothing is True… Everything is Permited” ain’t for nothing… or wait… was it the assassins’ motto in “assassin’s creed”…

Cabbies can do whatever they want. They have a special edition of the Highway Code which only they, white van drivers, and school run mums have access to.