Quantam of Solace or Quantam of ********!!

there is a lot of hype for this movie…when is it being released…?

october 31st, it is a Bond movie. couldn’t imagine it’d launch without the hype

I always said I would never pay to go see a Bond film…although that all changed when the new ‘blonde’ Bond was unvailed…role on 31st, already have my tickets :wink:

I watched Casino Royale last night on Sky and although i’m not a big Bond fan, I have to say, I did enjoy it. I’m quite looking forward to seeing this new one:cool:

Yep me too, we’ve got tickets in the Royal Circle at Leicester Sq for the 7th November, I haven’t seen a Bond movie at the cinema for years so am looking forward to this! :smiley:

You won be dissapointed. It’s a great film. One for the DVD/BR collection.

not seen the last “new” bond film yet :slight_smile:

jeez Im slow at times and not only on a bike :smiley:

the last one was great am looking forward to this, i am working on the at leicester square on the night of the premiere, wont get a chance to watch the film though :hehe: