My CBF 600 got rearended earlier this month and the insurance company has made an offer. I can take £2,650 and get another bike, or take £2210 plus the bike back with 23000 miles on it. Chap who has it reckons it would cost £350 plus labour to get it back on the road (ie i’d have to live with scuffs on the top box, scrathes on the engine casing and other odds and sods). Anyone been in a similar situation? any advice? Thanks. Guess I could take the bike back, get it fixed and use the spare cash as part payment on the second one, downpayment on a daytona perhaps…

It will always be on the HPI register as a CAT C (I think) write off and the money you will get for it will be reflected in this if you ever try to sell it.

However if you want a commuting scratcher it is probably the way to go and put the money towards a second bike.

Difficult one. Same thing happened to my mates 600RR, he took all the money and bought a brand spanking new Fireblade.

Try haggling a bit - I had a 400rr that was written off a few years back, didn’t accept the first offer and got a much better deal - bear in mind that they’ll only sell on to a contracted salvage company that’ll probably be paying a quarter of what they’ve offered it to you for?

I’d almost be tempted to keep it if it was just the subframe and some plastics (ebay!). Would be nice to have a cheap commuter, but as said it’ll be worth naff all if you try to sell it.

Worth haggling though, nothing to lose :wink:

I was in similar situation - hit from behind:angry::angry::angry:. My bike was a cat d write off, twisted sub frame and a few cracks in the rear plastics, prob what yours is. I had been thinking of trading in for something newer, but um’d and ar’d as I loved my bike and didn’t really want to get rid of it. I got about £2800 plus kept the bike - far more than any trade in (I “paid” about £500 for keeping my bike). So I kept my old bike and got a new one;). Straightened the sub frame (about £100) and lived with the cracked plastics (can only see if you are up close anyway). No problems insuring it and I don’t plan on selling on, so result all round :smiley:

If you do keep it, you need to ensure they record it as a cat d and get confirmation of this (cat c needs a vosa test before going back on the road, I think). Phil

If the damage is just a twisted sub frame and cracked plastics it should be cheap to fix yourself. Get the subframe from a breaker and gaffer the plastics up to stop them flapping about. Bingo! - you’ve got a bike that you will never be worried about dropping/getting scratched because it’s been dropped/scratched already! - personally I find riding bikes like these a lot more fun than mint items because your not precious about what happens to them.

On the other hand if there is structural damage to the swingarm/frame - that’s a more serious matter. But in that case your bike would be a cat c (total write off) rather than what I assume it currently is classed as - a cat D (damage repairable).