Qualcuno va' al Caffe' Asso stasera? - - anyone going to the Ace Cafe tonight?

Si / No?


Si, cerca 21:00

well done my effort to educate the english people into learning more than one language is slowly paying off… see u at the “Asso”

Nope lost me there

Si, después de trabajo!

New I went to school for a reason!!

lo siento no puedo, me voy a trabajar a las quatro este tarde …


Universal language

Matt, before you get excited let me clarify it says "see you at the “Asso” not up the “Asso” comprende? lol

you know which Matt you are hehehehehehe

Was planning to, but change of plans now, enjoy…

perdon!!! no me estoy mostrando pero algien me puede decir que diablo es el “asso” ( algunas personas estan educadas en dos lenguas)

Asso means Ace in italian, nothing rude. you dotty man!!