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Quad Lock Wireless Charging Kit

Bought the whole kit and caboodle for the 690 SMC R. Bloody expensive but bought as potential replacement for a dedicated GPS which would be a lot more expensive and I suspect nowhere near as good (hard to beat Waze/Google Maps).

I’m impressed with the quality of the gear, packaging and instructions. The wireless charger supports three ways of connecting to the bike and comes with everything needed for those options.

Whilst the bike has a USB socket up front I probably won’t use that so I can plug a GoPro or the like in there, and instead use the SAE or battery connectors (no idea of the bike has an SAE connector).

Installation pics to come when the bike arrives.

Looks like a good bit of kit. Do you think the case is ok for everyday use?

It feels good so far. It’s very sturdy but not too heavy. Time will tell.

The iPhone is technically waterproof but I did destroy a year old one in a swimming pool last summer (it was waterproof for a year, and then it wasn’t) so bought the protective rain cover as well and that is a really good fit over the phone and feels good to the touch. The screen is just as usable as without it so it shouldn’t be hard to use on the road (once you take off your gloves of course).

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:warning: WARNING :warning:

Just a quick heads up…

I just got the whole kit for mine a month ago, minus the wireless charger. It’s very nice gear. Also got the armband for running, love it.

Tho… 2 rides later… the focus mechanism in my iPhone 11’s camera was fucked.

The same thing is happening to any kind of smartphone (inc. Samsung, the lot) that has a mechanical (not software) focus. It depends on the bike, the mounting point and a bunch of other variables.

I’ve had to take my phone to Apple and hope they replace it under warranty :pray:. Still haven’t got it back yet.

There are loads of reddit, Apple community and other biker forum threads out there about it happening.


QuadLock are working on a solution.

QuadLock were extremely helpful with the problem. They fully refunded my ~£80 order and let my keep it all. They also said they’d send me a free vibration mount when testing is complete in a couple of months.

Got love for QuadLock :raised_hands:


SP Connect released a solution for their mounts a couple of months ago.


Oh my god, thank you for sharing that @kylejm. I’ll hold off using the iPhone on there for now until the dampener is ready. I certainly don’t want a fucked phone.

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If the current 690’s are the same there should be a switched live behind the head light cowl.

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@ILikeTurtles had a dapener of some sorts on his 701 last year for exactly this

And this is why dedicated GPS units are still a thing. They are designed to handle both the weather and vibrations.

I’ve been reading those a lot of those reviews, as I got a bicycle last year and didn’t want to spend a huge amount on another GPS unit so did a lot of reading of people using their phones. Man they’re so many stories of people breaking their phones (lots of different issues, Cameras, case cracking, screen failures and more) when mounted on the bicycle that I didn’t bother.


Yeah, fitting them to a bicycle without suspension seems kind crazy considering the shocks and vibrations it would be subject to.

Hopefully the dampener will do the job. If not, I have Apple Care on the phone so there’s always a no-quibble replacement service. Got to test it last year with the swimming pool fiasco :slight_smile:


I will be very interested to hear how this works on the road.

My iPhone X, and iPhone 6 before it, consumes more battery when using Waze in the car, than the charing lead is able to supply. I can start a journey with 100% and watch it drop as time goes by, despite being plugged in.

My old iPhone 4 had no problem and would happily charge while in in use. I suspect it is a combination of the demands Waze puts on it and the larger screen.

Thanks for the info. I’ve often considered getting a phone mount for the bicycle. I think I’ll keep the phone in my pocket for the moment :slight_smile:

It would be cheaper to get an Apple Watch (or equivalent) and read your phones directions on it, than damage the phone on a bicycle mount.

Depends on the power output of your car. Cables can sometimes matter too. Many cars have very low power outputs in in USB sockets. Cigarette lighter adapters should work better. Jacking straight into the bike battery will give you all the amps you need (within reason, there’s only so much excess power available).

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And they work with gloves.

I used to use a phone in a waterproof case — and never experienced any problems — but after accidentally buying a dedicated unit I would not want to go back. Being able to quickly flip between map views, switching between planned routes without having to find somewhere to stop, etc. is such an advantage.

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Yeah, dedicated units come into their own on long, pre-planned rides. I think the phone option is good for the casual riding scenario and where you want a bit more info than the dedicated units provide, i.e. Waze.

Never had any issues with the Zumo 660 even with casual riding. Pair it to Met Office weather app, and a Compact AA Road atlas and your good for the UK. :smiley:

the vibration is only a problem on phones with optical zoom, if you have a less good camera on your phone you’ll be alright.


Aye it’s the video stabalisation mounting on the camera lens, if you hold the phone up to your ear and shake it, you’ll hear it rattle.

I’ll take your word for it mate :slight_smile:

The idea of shaking a £1000 device with sensitive componentry inside hard to listen for a noise I’ve never heard of before does seem like a smart thing to do. Thanks anyhow @me_groovy :slight_smile: