Qatar motogp race on BBCiPlayer...

although not for download…
(search on Motogp)

(unless someone knows how to record it…??)

bbc iplayer is a joy…

also discovered 4od player, both great as i can watch my fave programs any time i like (plus signal is crap in my room)

so i can have a marathon of watching hollyoaks babes all night :wink:



how did you ‘hear’ you do that? :wink:

PM sent

How do you save it then?:wink:

I tried that BBCi player at the weekend, for some reason I can’t watch them full screen, get the sound but no picture, have to strain my eyes to watch stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesn’t work on mac, and it has silly time restrictions on downloaded content (you don’t have time restrictions on VHS, so why iPlayer?! We’ve paid our license, give us our content!). It’s far from being well developed. That said, it’s a good step in the right direction.

I think even when you can download stuff from iplayer on bbc…

… has a 30 day time limit - after that you cant watch it…

(you have to buy it instead - think this is all down to digital rights management )

I have heard that iPlayer is a micrsoft thing… so that would explain the lack of mac compatibility…

currently uses windows media format

will eventually be available on mac

has to be time limited at the moment as no way of checking you have a TV licence, maybe they should give all TV licence holders a unique DRM key tied to their licence?

its not a bad start and at least its a beginning

I have it working on Linux uses Adobe Flash Player in Firefox. Odd it won’t work on the Mac. Don’t know about the downloaded file format though, that’s probably proprietary.


if you download on PC its in windows media format with DRM for the PC it was downloaded on

I work for a film company that has DRM at the heart of everything it does, and let me tell you; I hate it. I think everyone that works with it does as well. It’s just so completely pointless in the grand scheme of things. But unfortunately, the rights-holders are too scared to embrace change.