Q park advice please

I have an appointment in Harley st 9am on Thursday & I see there is 2 Q parks near,
1; how early should I get there to get a space.
2; do they have anchor points or is a disc lock enough.

Thanks for any help

There is plenty of On Street Parking in Great Portland Street which is a 5 Minute walk to Harley Street. You can Disc Lock and should be safe, I’ve left my Bike there for a few hours in the past and the only annoying thing was a scooter had wedged in right next to me when there was clearly not enough room!

Cheers mate, just thought the Q park would keep me away from bad parking but it gives me options


Cheers for the link, another option although the docs it nearer Cavendish Square

Q Parks are free for bikes (excludes Soho and Butlers Wharf)