Thinking of doing a week trip to the Pyrenees…last week Aug 27th to Sep 4th…

Just doing my research now. Anyone interested drop me a PM - can’t be arsed with posting up details on here.

Will limit it to 6 riders.


Ha, i’m just starting to look at that now, i’ll hold fire and you can fill me in when you get back:D

We`re off down there next Wednesday.:slight_smile:

Tease - thought you meant you were looking at a trip for this month!

I’ll defo take a close look at this Nick, still got a weeks holiday to take and this is right up my street, also leaves me open to start planning Bulgaria for next year;):smiley:

27th August to 4th September is good for me Nick :slight_smile:

Come on Rob, I can see the banner “Rioting Rob’s 7 Day Pyrenees Pandamonium Trip” :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorting now, Nick’s captain…I’ll follow him.

He maybe the captain, but somehow i think you maybe the navigator - Vasco :smiley:

Damn, I’ll be in Norway & Sweden during those dates.

Have a great ride!

Ha, Haa, Just checked available dates to take here at work and that’s all ok, now to work on the missus:w00t:

Might be able to do a few days of this, I am off to New York the week after. But could do middle of the week till the end :slight_smile:

Ill make enquiries

May be up for this, Email sent… :discuss:

I’m in guys, so what’s the plan?:smiley:

What did it cost you :stuck_out_tongue:

I only get one week away on the bike next year,:crying: plenty of bank holiday weekends to organise little runs though.:smiley:

Aww I cant make it, only got 3 days holiday left, and my holiday year goes to end of March, so I need to keep some in the bank.

Have a good one :frowning:

Rob, I should be up for some long weeeknds away

So we have defos…




Veloslow is a possible.

I have bought two maps of the region (Fck it looks the dogs!) and will be meeting Rob at the teahut tomorrow night to discuss best place for overnight stops…Anyone welcome to join us who thinks they might be up for it.

BL (Nick)

ps. Rob - can u post up a time of when you plan to get to the teahut (earlier the better for me - as I am otp later)

Nick - the French side is prettier and less desert-like - but obviously wetter. The West is prettier (but wetter) than the East side, and cheaper. But all great:)

All very handy - but who does the best burgers? Rob has particular requirements…

Well we stayed on a boar farm, then in a chateau where they raised pigeons, so ate those for a few days. Basque food is pretty good, we don’t eat burgers so can’t comment:D