Pyrenees - Andorra - Geneva - Swiss Alps - Black forest - Home

So im packed and ready to go, first off i booked my ferry to Santander from Plymouth not Portsmouth by mistake, so tomorrow i have a long wet journey. Anyone done this type of trip alone? im feeling nervous but exited. I have a great hammock and tarpaulin loaded for a good nights sleep when im not in a B&B. Pics will be posted on the trip.

Don’t forget your GB sticker and you’ll need a vignette for Swiss motorways. Good luck and enjoy

Bon Voyage, gute Reise And have a safe trip. My last trip wasn’t entirely alone but a good chunk of it was. As much as I enjoyed the company I loved the parts I did by myself. Sometimes it gets a bit scary inside that lid (some dark thoughts poped into my head)but at least I got to know myself better. I went from euphoria to depression and back again in minutes. I imagine it’s a bit like going on one of those mediation camps just at 3 figure speeds) Have fun and a safe journey. Look forward to the pics

Cheers ChrisB, do i need a sticker? and whats a vignette?
Chang so i have 2 weeks of mountains, dark thoughts and euphoria to look forward to…should be interesting to say the least.

Yes to GB sticker, better safe than sorry, a vignette is a sticker you buy at the Swiss border, £27.04 but only if you use the motorways in Switzerland, if you stay off them you don’t need it apparently, I saw Changyammi had one stuck on his bike so he could confirm this.

Is that you fully loaded James? I bring more stuff with me for a long weekend up north!

Ruth, the bare necessities. I would love to see your inventory for a long weekend…I even have sleeping accommodation on the back.

Enjoy it - you will. We’ve done the same trip on one bike but had each other to chat to.

The meals on the boat are expensive - load up with snackage before you get on is our advice (and some booze if you have room). Breakfast is probably worth paying for - its a buffet so eat as much as you can manage. We also sneaked some extras out for eating later but not telling you how. Look out for dolphins & whales beside the ferry as you die of boredom on the long day in the middle.

You can get through Switzerland without using motorways and avoid paying for the card. Don’t speed there though, you WILL pay for it through the nose.

Fill up and buy things in Andorra, it’s a tax free zone but very small.

Pension Williams in Seebach is a good b&b for proximity to the Black Forest and they’re LB friends (Dave & Angela)

Have a great time & keep us up to date with where you are. Ride safe.

If it looks that clean when you return…you’ve not had fun :slight_smile:

Make sure you’ve got baffles for Switzerland otherwise the fun police will be chasing you!

Bon voyage! I would’ve probably gone with you had I known about the trip earlier. Hopefully next year someone will let me tag along :slight_smile:

Keep us posted and ride safe!

Bon Voyage!


Don’t forget to post some pics of that hammock n tarp arrangement :wink:

Enjoy your trip James, B500 had a speed trap in the evening (heading north into Baden Baden in a 50 zone), 3 of us were going too fast for it to register our speed :), poor Kelly got caught at 90 kph (100 euro cash fine)…

We all chipped in for it which impressed and broke the ice with the police. They then basically advised they are only there mainly Fridays, but always in the evening ;). Quite a few motorcyclists have died on that stretch unfortunately, 30+ last year and I think double figures this year all ready. Hence their presence will continue…

Have a great trip, I think you will luv it!

Very jealous, ride safe but have fun, Also watch out for some of the roads on the Pyranees, they look straight when on them but have ‘U’ bends in them and you don’t notice till you are on top of them, can be pretty hairy :slight_smile:

Have a good trip

Yes mate! Have a fantastic trip. You’ve over packed, all you need is a spare t-shirt and pair of pants! Enjoy, keep us updated with lots of pictures.

Sounds line a great mini rideout. Not a bad effort for your first trip overseas.

Dont forget to apply for a bank loan should you need to refuel (food) in Switzerland :slight_smile:

Have fun, look forward to the trip report and pics.

Thanks for all the replies! I’ve crossed the Pyrenees in 3 day and 3 nights coast to coast, and now I’m at Mont Blanc! Had a couple of beers and will explore tomorrow. So far I’ve camped out attached to my bike freezing cold, spent the night in a B&B with a few that you can’t buy. Then on the other side I passed through Andorra de ville having tapas, damn how can you cram so many people I one space! And ended up in the slums…truckers motel that stank of piss and puke, I nearly quit!
So a hard days slog and I’m now in Mont Blanc baby !!! All settled in a ski lodge and tomorrow I will explore, these mountains bring a whole new meaning to fuuuuuurrrrkkkk!!!
Imgur won’t upload my picks with the wifi out here for some reason so I will post them all asap.
This trip you have to do !!