Tescos do a great deal, £10 for two pairs of bottoms. What do you think girls, PG`s or naked?

Picture this girls, i wear nothing in bed.:smiley:

thanks John I had just had breakfast:sick:

At least wear some boxers… it’s not good being handed everything on a plate :wink:

To be honest, if you even thought about buying Tesco Jim Jams I’d be out the door anyway…

I think women semi naked are a lot sexier than being totally naked. it leave a lot to your imaginations:D:D:D

It’s the same with birthday presents - far better to have something to unwrap - you can take the wrapper off with care or rip it off - whatever takes your fancy!!!


Saucer in my case :crying:

Awww babe, GG never mentioned that! :stuck_out_tongue:

Why is everything JETSTREAM posts, got to do with what your wearing or what you wear in bed…they asked me that on another post about bluddy baths and whiskey ie “what do you wear in bed” to which i said “my helmet and you?”…Well FFS!! Get a life mate, what are you ON ??? Are you on a windup here, trying to make us look like fugging idiots? Your posting about absolute crap ! And worse WE are answering them…thinking its a jokey thing…


Like Chunks said mate…think they should be called “Mid-Stream” :wink: pee take at its best :w00t:

How hard is that? Mid-Stream samples. I always find I have to mop the toilet floor afterwards. Mind you, Asda do a good line in mops for only £1.44, can anyone do better than that?:blush:

i was thinking this thread was funny… before you actually replied to it, jet… now, it’s weird…