putting the rubbish out

in a can of baked beans?..


And your point is?

You’d rather see the rubbish everywhere? or you’re supporting it?

what do you mean what my point is?.

no one likes rubbish…well i don’t anyway…

Got to say It might sound a bit Big Brother is watching but if it stops lazy feckers dumping rubbish just anywhere then good on them!

But enforcing £1000 fines for bin bags left out for collection on the wrong day sounds like a con to me, especially when you are changing the collection times simultaneously.

No doubt we will be reading about a half-blind 85 year OAP, who was only notified by a leaflet that looked like the remaining 99% of junk that is dropped through the letter box each day, being fined by over-zealous councillors in the near future.

As usual there is a simple solution to the problem. Save the money spend on over-priced CCTV gimmicks and sack a few councillors – who serve no purpose anyway. Spend the savings on wheelie bins and bin-man and there won’t be much rubbish drifting through the streets. The current exchange rate councillor to bin-man is about 1:2.5… minimum.

Over zealous use of technology.


Its a policy borne out of placating ravenous amateur journos who, whilst looking to make a name for themselves will try and create a scare out of the tiniest thing. As politicians careers depend on their depiction in the media and NOT the results they achieve (cos success stories don’t make headlines, whereas scandal and gossip do) the political priority is not “the people”, its the “journalists”.

Why do you think journos get wined and dined whenever there’s a press launch…

Its not cos they’re actually good writers or anything…sheesh!

There council should give them wheelie bins.

Or they could buy their own wheelie bins. I did some years ago (large ones!), and now I don’t care when the collection is.

The socialist rupublic of Lewisham provides us with weelie bins for rubish and recycling free of charge. If this councilm spent the money on that instead perhaps they would have less problem with vermin. and not have to spy on their people.


well i think we need it where we live in northolt people have put rubbish in the communual bins but becaiuse theyre full it goes on the floor in bags and now the foxes have been there last night rubbish is now strewn over the place