Putting the "Pyscho" in Pyscho ex-girlfriend

Alex Gold (13/08/2009)

Her words to my dad were ’ he’s sucked a blokes c**k !! '…thankfully they knew she was lying coz i don’t even like chicken . Howether the impact of this particular bit of dis-information was that much greater as my dad is a penticostal church minister :w00t:

Should I just give up now to avoid all of this?

I mean, seriously, is it worth it, all this breakup stuff? All the girls I’ve been with have been pretty level-headed, but am I riding a lucky wave that will end with my violent murder at the hands of a bit of brisket who took things a little too seriously?

Hell no fella, it’ll be the ride of your life. Enjoy it and don’t worry about what might be.

Blonde and deaf - I knew there was a reason that you are given 2 ears and one mouth!

Hey, don’t worry. The sex will be great…

Until she impales your nose with an ice pick. :smiley:

I was expecting some video or something, cause frankly all we got was text… it could just be someone’s made up funny story.

I though right at the end we will see a video of him meeting up with her asking WTF was she thinking?

I am sure some of the more inventive guys on Lb can come up with something better… I remember Afro’s sex story:D by all we know it was all real.