Putting the "Pyscho" in Pyscho ex-girlfriend

At least she tipped him off to the fact that she was a complete effing pyscho while there was still time for him to get safely away.

Absolutely bat **** CRAZY, this girl…


Hilarious… especially the really crap recovery attempt on her part…

He does make a valid point at the end about passionate people, but that one is a tad too psyco.

simply brilliant ha ha ha

+1, fknell :blink:

A bit dense perhaps, but hardly a psycho, just emotionally-led! I know, have had personal experience. Very amusing video all the same!

what a dumb ass:D

  • 1 She didn’t put a sledge hammer thro the patio doors, didn’t phone his parents and tell them ( untruthfully ) he’d had gay sex , didnt threaten to kill the kids , etc…compared with some of my ex’s a tame pusseycat .

was she blond? :hehe:

zeph11 (13/08/2009)

didn’t phone his parents and tell them ( untruthfully ) he’d had gay sex


sorry zeph but that made me giggle:hehe:

Damn, and me!

That is class! Nice one

OMG, she must have felt like a right prat when she realised what she’d done!! They can’t have been that close, how can you forget your boyfriends going away for 2 weeks!!

What is wrong with being blonde? :smiley:

Yeah, come on, your in trouble now, all us blondies are gonna gang up on you!! :hehe:

Blimey, that was like watching a car crash in slow motion !!

Whats rite with it? :D:w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

Have to say that is funny as ****…

:w00t::w00t::w00t: charming :smiley: :w00t:

zeph11 (13/08/2009)

Giving or receiving? :stuck_out_tongue: