putting the feelers out for a SM trackday at charlton INDOOR kart track!

surprise surprise they didn’t contact me yesterday. i’m not going to chase them right away as i don’t want to appear too keen. if we want to negotiate with them our leverage will be limited if we’re too eager.

as it’s an indoor go kart track and no one in london currently offers this, or looks like they will, i think we will have to be prepared to pay slightly over the odds. as for session length i’d imagine it’s 2 hour track hire and then up to us how we divide it. we’ll see what pans out but i’ll consult back here when i know more.

Do you know if there’s a dB limit?

as i mentioned earlier in the thread we’re a long way from db limits! still need to find out if they’ll let us on track, how much it is, how much time we get, how many allowed on track… db limit will be right at the end of the process fella. i’ve got a full system on mine with no baffle and it passed a test at brands indy. this is an indoor track in the arse end of SE london so doubt they’ll be many resident complaints, especially as this is the first one they would have ever had there!

Any updates?

not yet my man. been trying to speak to him this week but he hasn’t been in. supposed to be back in tomorrow so hopefully i’ll have word then :slight_smile:

starting to get a bit hacked off with this lot now. they’re not answering the phone and i’ve called them about 5 times today. starting to get the impression they may be giving me the runaround. will keep trying but i’m starting to loose faith :angry:

Sorry ad I missed the earlier post where you mentioned about the db limit. Careful about the arse-end of SE london comments though :wink: there are worse places in SE London :smiley:

Props for chasing this up, but by the sound of their lack of interest I’d understand if you gave up mate!

Don’t worry lad, I live in the arse end of SE London so it’s all good :slight_smile:

oh dear. right finally got back through to mike today. it seems there was some confusion regards his understanding of ‘supermoto’. he thought i meant mini moto! :hehe: they haven’t got the height clearance for full size bikes there so it’s a no-goer. :crazy: i only found out as i heard him describe them like that to a colleague. imagine his (and our) faces as we turned up! woulda been like arriving at oompa loompa land or something.

massively disappointed after all that, not least by stringing you guys along too. really sorry about this, i hate topics like this they’re completely pointless - ‘let’s do something’ ‘yeah yeah’ ‘oh hang on we can’t’

soz chaps :blush:

Thanks for trying!

That was good opportunity for additional revenue and they should think how to sort this; new track, supermoto specific venue to stage world class events in London perhaps? :Whistling: :smiley:

he he. yeah was well disappointed as it basically sounded like they were up for it but watching the vid back you can see the problem(s).

there’s some more indoor venues in and around london so will get in touch with them at some point. will post up here if i get any proper opportunities :rolleyes:

i know the perfect supermoto track and its free to ride, its called the BCR :smiley:

when i can bring myself to get up that early on a sunday i will come and meet you fellas. if you’ll have me that is :Whistling:

BCR on a cold winter’s morning vs indoor track at lunchtime/ afternoon… hmm I know which one i’d go for :Whistling:

i did say it looks pritty low lol nvm

Now that winter is here and the roads getting greasy and gritty, I think it’s time for me to do another one :wink: It always seems to be horrible weather when I turn up.
Still at least a couple of weeks before I get the all clear from the doctors though

ahh thats a shame was looking forward to this untill i saw it wasnt happening anymore. I want to get an SM track day together in London more than anything! there must be a track somewhere that is willing??? I know this go kart track in croydon that said it would be possible before but the track is wayyy to small… Think it was called track or tracks

didnt realise it was that track either, its in greenwich been there a few times recently for the karts… not surprised they didnt let it happen they are a bit funny there


yeah it’s massively disappointing. sorry for any heartache caused fellas :kiss:

wondering if it’s worth getting in touch with brands about their kart track? will look into other indoor venues at some point too…