Puttin on the Pipes!

Ive just bought a set of carbon dual exhaust pipes for me FZ6 fizzer! Finally decided to keep the beast rather than upgrade to a VFR, coz its just such a perfect bike through town and thats where I am mostly. Maybe I’ll go VFR Blackbird one day, but for sure its not going to be for a couple of years. So its new pipes, new rearsets and a shiny Sat Nav for me.

Is it ok to just swap the pipes out, or should I think about getting the engine dyno’ed/ballenced afterwards? Sorry if this is a silly Q but i’m a mechanical smacktard!

Cheers and Beers!


Swap them over and see, if fuelling seems glitchy then get some dyno time. You wont be doing any damage in the short time it will be out of sorts. Probably wont need anything tho…

hi mate i had a fz6 fazer with twin scorpions on, i had mine re-mapped to balance out the fuelling. i tried it without the re-map first but it ran like crap. See how you get on first. I also replaced the air filter with a bmc one to give a bit of extra grunt. It did sound ace…:slight_smile:

Thanks guys, really appreciated, case of suck it and see.

Thanks westie as I know you’ve owned every bike under the sun and have a real affection for Fizzers :wink: What you got now westie?

ha ha, well ive now got a new z750 kawasaki in black, love it, its great!, i said i wasnt gonna customise it, but im already thinking, new pipe, tail tidy etc…:smiley:

heres a pic of my fazer with here sexy pipes on…


mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :slight_smile: