Putney Bridge!

on the kings road side seems to be a new camp for the police!

they have been there every morning this week pulling bikes and cars…

bloka at work told me they stopping everybody going it the ASL & giving out warnings

Have seen them waiting in Putney for that. Was amused this afternoon by Battersea Dog’s home when all the bikes stopped on the first line and a female cyclist crossed the box long after the lights changed and stopped beyond the second line half blocking the pedestrian crossing. She looked so pissed off as the PCSO politly escorted her back to the cycle box!

Iv seen them all week on one side of the road, I totally forgot at 7.30 this morning when I went roaring past on the other side.
Stopped at the lights, awaiting a bollocking and nobody said/done anything… :Whistling:

Sure this was featured on the National News tonight… Had a few bevies and the alzheimers kicking in so don’t quote me on it…