Put the busa on the dyno earlier

Well, I’ve been meaning to see what the old girl can do, so I put her on the dyno machine earlier today at the ace,

95.16 ft/lb torque
147.7 HP
214 mph top speed :slight_smile:

i woulda thought that the bike put out far more than that tbh. it has a little more power than the king and those have 180bhp (engine) and about 160 at the wheel, but I stand corrected at that.

Dyno operator said it was pretty normal readings, 147.7 at the rear is plenty for me! :slight_smile:

Not bad for a 12 year old with only carbon can co end cans with the baffles still in!


whats the bike in your avatar adam h ?

That’s my stunter, it’s a 2005 636 ninja :slight_smile:

Can we see the graph, it sounds like yours is restricted. :slight_smile:

I’ve only got a paper copy but will try and find a scanner or take a pic of it, :slight_smile:

didn’t realise that the bike was that age! thats good figures then. It is the torque that counts tho :wink:

plenty there:D

My Dyno run at the same place on a 2004 Busa.

89.88 ft/lb Torque
166.9 HP
202 MPH (I run +2 on rear sprocket)

@9750 RPM

I wouldn’t expect to see a difference of 19.2 HP :slight_smile:

its not letting me attach the graph, surely that +2 teeth on the rear will help, with effects that a larger rear sprocket gives, did you have it done yesterday?? i think he showed me your readings and mentioned akro end cans,

i run a 55 tooth rear sprocket on my ninja, would be interesting to see the reading that would give :slight_smile:

I had this done some time ago, +2 will not effect HP but will effect the top speed. :slight_smile: although the speed readings on a Dyno are irrelevant. I was more interested in seeing if there are any mayor dips in the graph. :slight_smile:

I do run a K&N filter and Ackro end cans. :slight_smile:

what RPM did you run to. :slight_smile:

We will have to get Tugs on there to see what he’s got :slight_smile:

my 9 put out 143.8 at the wheel so i would expect it to be a lot more, even more so seeing as we have had the 2 bikes together [ on a private road] and seen what the busa did to the 9

My 2001 with a full Yoshi system puts out 170 RWHP and 101 ftlb of torque.


showoff. :smiley:

2001 derestricted ZX12R … 94ft/lbs & 178.9bhp

Top speed on a dyno is irrelevant … try achieving it with air resistance!

Show us yer graph. :slight_smile:

tricky to lift the front up then eh :wink:

…I’m trying to post my graph but it doesn’t work.