pushed into a curb

well tonight was fun can around hyde park corner where the exit to go edgeware road, i was heading straight towards oxford street in the far left lane while to my right was a big range rover who decided he was in the wrong lane and without indicatiing or anything he moved over sending me face first into his mirror i couldnt move he mounted the curb and i was push along side it just kept it up by stamping my foot down .

he drove up and alone the pavement them shot off around hyde park. couldnt believe it sat there while everyone who saw drove off then off i went on my journey where the excited didnt stop.

saw a ducati 1098 pulled in front of a mr2 having a spat with the driver hard to tell what happened he was on his feet so all must be ok.

got to clapham south was in the right hand lane waiting to turn right but theres a filter you need to wait for as the traffic ahead comes across where you want to go bt no numbnuts in his 206 was bibbing and going mental at me for not moving yet it was clearly not safe to move forward and i know know better.

i turned around and pointed to the green light which must of been him seeing red and he kept revving an inch away so i sat there till the filter came on and drove off what a tw*t!!!

just when i thought it was safe i saw a guy on a cbr having a go at a audi tt driver on balham high street.

lucky i got away with it and be care full out there.

so you ok then? nothing damaged?

nope no damage apart from abit of paint taken off of my bar end when i went along the whole side of his car

U need some good car kicking boots like mine :smiley:

so the bet with megroovy still stands? :hehe: :wink:

edit: good to hear your ok btw :smiley:

i need some super bright lights big boots stuff it ill get a car and go driving across 2 lanes for the fun of it lol

Lovin the Paint skillz :smiley:

Well, dude, youre still here and that’s what matters x I guess you cant change the idiots :frowning:

Well done for keeping out of trouble. Glad you are okay.

I concur! It’s mad season recently. I’ve had people change lanes in front of me with no warning or indicators, purposely close the gap when filtering so you can’t get by despite blipping my engine they just sit there and ignore.
One guy slammed his brakes so hard after a pull away I only had time to grab my front brake, the stop was so hard that I hurt my left wrist. ( let that be a lesson for pulling away with the right foot on the ground ) :smiley:

Personally I would have chased the Land Rover he wouldn’t have gotten far in a fat cage in central London and booted his indicator, he obviously doesn’t need it. :cool:


yup just couldnt believe what a joke it was tonight still i look forward to my ride in tomorrow:D

Edgware Rd/Bayswater Rd (Marble Arch) is a dodgy junction… people are always in the wrong blood lane… you cant be in lane 3 at the lights on Cumberland Avenue and then expect to take the 1st exit (Edgware Rd)… but that doesn’t stop them trying!

I agree that it’s silly season, I came off London Bridge last night in the car… and basically went straight on up King William Street, just as I go to the lights a guy stepped in to the road without looking… utterly oblivious…

I had to do an Emergency Stop, ABS came on (it was wet)… stopped about 30cm away from him… he just stood there and stared at me as if I was somehow in the wrong and then just continued on his way… if I’d have been on the bike I might well have come off… no doubt he would have just looked down and then wandered off… ******* lemming…

Glad you’re OK. It seems to be silly season in town at the moment with the number of people driving like twats, it might be the darker evenings dulling their senses.

BTW, your first coming together was at Marble Arch, Hyde Park Corner is the other end of Park Lane

try and remember the number plates… chances are they do the same commute every day, you can get em later :smiley:

Just as a thought maybe it’s worth considering your road positioning. Obviously i wasn’t there so can’t really comment but sometimes if your aware that people aren’t sure where they are going you can help save your self by being ready to expect the unexpected.

At least your still in one piece eh

“while to my right was a big range rover”

^^ thats exacyly what I was thinking. Also make sure your never sitting in anyones blind spot along side them. Esp if your on the passenger side. And try to check where the drivers head is doing, can give u clues to intention.

Personally I’m gonna do one of these BikeSafe rozzer days soon. Never know might get something useful out of it.

Too many close shaves going on around here. Glad y’all still OK. In traffic or filtering my left thumb is resting on the horn too.

darn, I was hoping to earn some dosh here :wink:
better to hear you survived though fella.

ill get him back cant miss it with a nice scratch/dent running the length of it. i was in the middle of my lane which some people get cheeky and move to the left when they shouldnt but never seen someone move across from the 2nd lane away from the exit must of been a satnav special moment

Glad you’re OK m8.

I think we should be allowed to attach automatic lasers to our bikes so when gits like that cut us up, they end up with a huge hole in the car! :smiley: