Pushbike help/tools, etc

My mates pushbike has broken but if I repair it then I can keep it :slight_smile:

However, anyone out there got any specialist tools for pushbikes? I need to replace the bottom bracket (i think) basically the bit that connects the two cranks together, and get some new cranks in the process…

I have heard it needs a couple of specialised tools to get the job done, anyone around south london want to either lend me the tools or give me a hand for some teas and a lunch?

It sounds like the bottom bracket that needs replacing. It’s the axle that the cranks spin on.

You will need a crank extractor to get the cranks off the BB axle, and then a BB tool or two, depending on what type of BB it is. If it’s really old, you might need three tools. The problem is that there are several different types of tool to fit it, as each manufacturer has decided they’ve come across a better way of doing it. The most likely tool you’ll need is a ‘standard’ 20-tooth spline one.

Do you know what the bike is or have a photo of it?

send a PM to Shiver he rides push bikes and the way he crashes the SV, he would undoubtedly have tools for the ped too.

BRS is your man there. he used to be a bike mechanic! don’t ask him for his BB tool though, I’ve borrowed it :stuck_out_tongue:

if you get a new BB that’s square taper, I have an old pair of shimano cranks and rings that you can have for gratis.

Nice one guys, sounds like both of you might have what I need :slight_smile:

It is an Rayleigh Freeride, and the Bottom Bracket is an old type that has a square bit and then the cranks were held on with an hex nut that screwed onto a bolt that came out both sides. The non-drive crank fell off as the bolt could not hold it on with any good capacity (kept tightening it up but fell off as a regular occurance…)

will def take up your offer groovy think it might fit… have PM’ed you :slight_smile:

Thanks again guys…

Here are some pictures (the chain side has the nut off…)




If the crank kept falling off, it’ll need replacing. Is that why you were looking at replacing the BB? The BB should be fine, BB axles are steel, cranks are ali so generally you can bugger up a fair few cranks before you damage the BB.

Either way, I’ve got the tools you need somewhere. I know I’ve packed them up somewhere sensible, but haven’t a clue where. I’ll have a look this eve and tomorrow. Whereabouts in London are you?

EDIT: Yeah, you’ve got the really old (or cheap) type. You’ll need a 20-tooth spline, a flat 15mm open-ended spanner and either a c-spanner or a hammer and a screwdriver. I’d reccomend replacing that with a cartridge bottom bracket. UN52s are only about £17 and would survive several nuclear wars. They’re also easier to fit. To get one you’ll need two measurements, the axle length and the shell width.
The shell width is the width of the bit of the frame the BB screws into (or the length of the tube it goes through), it’s either 68mm or 73mm.
The axle length is the length of the axle, but this is also dictated in part by the cranks you’re going to fit. If you do go for Me Groovy’s Shimano cranks, they’re reasonably standard and you’ll likely want a 113mm axle.

Cheers mate, that is a great help…

Humm, so I could get away with just replacing the non-chain crank (the chain one did not fall off…? that might be cheaper… But on my quick internet research I thought that the type of BB I had was an old and not very good one, and thought this could be an opportunity to upgrade it for a better one? (dunno if this is a good idea…?)

I’m in south london (clapham), but can travel anywhere…

Hehe just read your edit, confirms what I thought :slight_smile: Many thanks for the help, let’s take this to PM’s so that we don’t get any flak from the motor boys :wink:

Isn’t there something about having a BB faced properly when you install them?

I know a facing tool is a few hundred quid but local bike shop will have one.

From memory, if it isn’t faced properly, you can knacker the bearings pretty quickly…?

ive done **** loads off them and used basic tools:P worked lol just did one on my trek 3700 alpha as i it flying down hill and fliping it hard! hit a tree ops fun thou;) (wow the cider is working;)

That only really applies to the newer BB designs (HTII and X-Type) where the faces of the BB shell are used to align the bearings.

The cartrdige BB shells are stiff enough to cope with even pretty bad quality control on the BB faces, and the even-older ones were too crude to notice.

It’s always nice, but you don’t actually notice it on a cartridge BB.


It’s still bikers Mo, just the wrong sort of bike for you, methinks???

oi enough about the sv!! i have got the tools actually i use to work for bonthrone bikes and evans my bro is a full train mech and i done it aswell

OK cool, might be in touch mate, think the others might have it covered, but will be in touch if not :slight_smile:

Cheers to all :slight_smile: