Push-biker down - me!

Just knocked off by a girl on a scooter. Thankfully I’m fine apart from a comedy limp - left thigh and pavement broke my fall :slight_smile: Bit shaken up and shame that my bike’s a bit knackered and her scooter has seen better days. Mirrors weren’t great to start with and now they’re hanging off.

ouch atleast your alright now you can buy a better bike. klien??

I know how that feels had a slide while cycling in about 3 weeks ago. My elbow is still fooked.

You got any road rash?

How did she knock you off? and no… we dont need rude comments to follow :smiley:

No road rash, wasn’t travelling at speed and it was my bicycle so the mighty Hornet which just delivered me to work is perfectly fine. Shame the smaller bike will need some TLC.

I was crossing a road - I stay off the busy main roads to avoid accidents believe it or not. The traffic on my side was stationary, I peeped out and went. She was either going a bit too quick or I was ambitious with my look. Not sure which but next I knew I was on the deck.

Both fine and party at fault ambiguous enough that we both learned something.

Having said that if she’d had a real bike with real brakes she might not have locked it :wink: And her L plates weren’t legal … only had a mangled sticker on the back :wink:

That’s sour grapes, she stopped, we’re both fine if a little bruised and we’ll live to ride again. I got to 30 without any road accidents. Not bad going.

I don’t think that qualifies you for a Smiled club membership though :smiley:
And hey! talking of that, wheres my number???

Not bad going at all, I am a terrible pedestrian… I have a habit of watching the road real carefully, then as a car approaches, for some reason i panic and run, wtf is that about? :smiley:

good thing there was a doctor at hand! LOL :smiley:

Only this morning I nearly slammed in to a pedestrian, cycling from Farringdon to Westminster, just over Blackfriars bridge, lights were green for me to carry on through and this woman decides to step off the curb and cross the road, even after making eye contact with me. Insane, if I had of hit her, she would have got pretty mashed up. Luckily I managed to skid around her.

But the thing is something like this or similar happens everyday, cant remember ever having an easy commute in.

Yep, we’ve just all got to keep our eyes peeled at all times! Was glad to be wearing gloves and a jacket. Meant I didn’t get scraped up. Hope she’s ok though.

:w00t:Blimey!! hope your not to sore luvvie:)
I bet the girlie will be riding her scooter like a “tart” for a bit probaly scared her s
*less :smiley: **

A female on a scooter… Women Know Your Limits!

You’ve met the lesser spotted London Lemming then… they always make eye contact before throwing themselves in to your path!

Same happened to me today with a guy who walked out in front of on-coming traffic. I braked gently just in case he wasn’t going to stop - he didn’t stop. I tooted gently at him, and he turned around and told me to FOKK OFF! :w00t:

It’s depressing seeing such self-centred entitlement to the public roads from pedestrians :frowning: