Purpose of this bike?

Stickers on the screen, pen attached to the mirror, bonnie, moose.

I’m not sure, but that could be BigRedS’s dad’s bike.

Haha, yeah it is! The tape on the screen is leftover from christmas decorations, the pen’s a stylus for interfering with a phone, the bonnie’s for riding around and the moose is a sticker he got in Norway.

Hah, that’s unexpected. At first I thought it might be a courier bike due to stickers/pen/rear case, but I’ve never seen a courier on a bonnie, so that seemed unlikely. Thank you for quenching my curiosity :smiley:

You should see big reds mobile phone holder its a work of Art

I don’t see the problem myself, but If you need to ask its wasted on you :wink:

and yes its a Bonne - BBII

Carefull copyright laws are all encompassing.:angry:

I did point out in another thread that BBII (Broken Bonne’ 2 :w00t:) was not to be confused with other Triumphs proper bikes with similar sounding names.

Besides Joe Green confirmed the distinction to be perfectly clear.

Not sure if that was directed at me or Wise? :Whistling:
But if that was at me, then you might have misunderstood me. The thread was about that particular bike in the photo, not bonnies in general. Specifically, I was unclear about those stickers on the screen, which made me wonder if there was some special reason for them.

I picked up on the screens with stickers … they be Sat Nav subs, little snippets of where you’re going, tear 'em as you complete each segment of the journey. As demonstrated on BBII when I fried the SatNav mid tour :crazy: Although I stacked mine rather than spread 'em across the screen.

Oh, cool, didn’t know that :cool: Haven’t really done any proper touring myself.

One of the best ways to route find pencil and paper doesn’t need power

bit of a downer when it rains though

Remember you heard it here first. When touring take back up route notes, bull dog clip and small waterproof zip tie bag. Wise words from Mr Wise, pencil will write on damp paper (thin card is better) and the proper bonus is it won’t wash off in the rain.

On closer inspection you’ll notice the notes, unlike the TomTom, are wearing waterproofs :Whistling:

I know a lady that owns a Bonnie just like the one in the first photo. To answer your question though, I cannot see any purpose to a Bonneville, as they seem to be heavy old fashioned bikes. It is possible that they may be more comfortable than other bikes and maybe have a lower seat height, but apart from that, it’s just a nostalgic bike.

Oi, nowt wrong with a bit of old school proper.

What would be the more pointful bike for your average bonneville rider, then?

Exactly, before BBII became brown bread I was looking to replace it. The question I kept asking myself was ‘what will that do that the Bonne’ wouldn’t’ and the only conclusion I could arrive at was ‘lose me my paperwork’. There’s precious few motorcycles that’ll get you there in the style and comfort of a properly prep’ed Bonne’ :Whistling:

I wannabe 17 again not Shane Whatshisface :smooooth:

seems like a good time to post this

'Kin green engine bracket, made in Taiwan :w00t: