Puppys video?

Puppy, any ideas when we can see your video from StGeorges day?

You seemed to get some good footage as we came up the White Horse Hill and also of me turning my rear tyre into a Polo mint

If you need any help editing send me the original file maybe?

I appreciate you’re busy, thanks in advance,

Dying to see it, Wig


Will do as soon as I can, now working nights 14 hour shifts with no break for the next 4 weeks. Bear with me…

Captnmoto and Smiled both offered to do vid for me will try and get some copies off to them.


Tired puppy (or should I say Shep)

Thanks for update, take it easy, don’t burn yourself out mate, we need you to lead the next rideout, Soon!!

Capt motos vid is in the supermoto section Wiggy, im downloading it now its takin a while…

yeh seen that 1, well cool, I wanted to see us all riding up the hill and out the car park, Puppy also had some on bike footage when I was riding right behind him for a couple of miles

me too, but he will probably edit the bit where i started rude gestures