mmm…just had the best evening ever last night…ended up with my second puncture (first got fixed with an innertube)…deflated the rear tyre rather rapidly and slowed right down to a crawl to the nearest service station somewhere near Embankment/Chelsea. Lovely spot…took me 3 hours for a recovery man & van to pick me up. Big thanks to him…the recovery was Ace !

So…this whole episode made me think and wonder…what do you all do to avoid punctures or deal with punctures? Do you just rely on RAC to come around and recover the bike? or is everyone using PunctureSafe/Ultraseal/Slime?

Any suggestions how to avoid or deal with punctures are most welcome.

Should add - I am still in my early months of biking - just got my first bike (Aprilia SC) back in May this year.


ive had loadsa punctures since i started riding (1yr ago), only once did it actually deflate the tyre and i found it in the morning and got the aa to plug it for me temporarily until I got it replaced. all the other times ive managed to ride it to a motorbike garage and got them to plug it properly.

however its been over 3 months since my last puncture (touch wood i dont get one again for a while) and im putting it down to the fact that im not riding through all the **** before traffic lights etc