Got to my bike this morning to find my back tire almost completely flat, rode to the garage 2 mins from my house and attempted to fill it up with air but it didn’t seem to take any air, so I guess it’s a bad puncture. I rode it back home and locked her back up.

Looks like I’ll be buying a new tyre this weekend, but even more annoying than that is the fact I have to get the tube to work all week. So frustrating…:angry:

take the wheel off and take it to a garage near your work that way you will only have to take the tube in for one or two days. a bit of a pain to take on the tube but worth it!!!

Can the tyre not be plugged? If it’s still got loads of tread on it then it seems a shame to buy a new one.

Is the bike parked out over night?

Did you find what made the hole and does it look like a nail or similar?

I don’t want to alarm you but if it was left out over night and someone had stuck a knife in it they would be expecting it to be left alone for the day whilst you made other arrangements to get it fixed. It may be a ploy to take it later on. I hope not and hope that you have left it well secured.

Sorry to sound negative but there are too many thefts about at the mo.

the dreaded tube…id rather eat my own vomit

i thought the same but it is sad we think like that now.
may have been just an innocent puncture, lol.
still take wheel off anyway and yes get it plugged, s’ok on rear wheels as long as you dont get too many, lol

Check your insurance for breakdown cover, they might come temp plug it for you so you can get to work til the weekend when it will get you to a garage.

Of course if you PJ they might make you wait 3 hours…:stuck_out_tongue:

Back on my soapbox again. Why don’t you just bldy fix it?**

There are loads of decent DIY plugging kits out there for £16 - £30. O.k., I’m not going to recommend you use one on a front tyre, but a back? Why not? (Assuming you’re not going to do a track day.)

Just follow the instructions on the packet. It’s not rocket science, even the RAC used to be able to manage it.

I’ve used them and at least they keep you mobile while you await the premanent repair/replacement. In my case that was for about 2,000 miles while I waited for Michelin to produce a new batch of MX4’s.

If you are based in Streatham Hill, Dunstan from Motorcycle Surgery has fixed my back tyre punctures very cheaply and quickly. It might be fixable through a DIY job or a quick trip down to the local mechanic if you have one, might not need a whole new tyre.

I just got quoted £25 to fix a puncture in my rear tyre. Considering the fact that it will include a free chain adjustment probably a bargain.

Mine were done for £20 :smiley: and a free chain oil etc as well, so guess 20 / 25 quid must be the going rate for puncture fixes. Better than a new tyre at £120 though eh! I keep meaning to learn to fix my punctures myself also - as since getting the Triple I have constantly been puncturing the back tyre - and on the same road too :frowning:

Good luck with getting it sorted anyway.

I can’t be trusting myself with stuff like that. It is the same reason I will pay a mate (who is a chippy) to put up a shelf, otherwise I could just never put anything of value on it, or ever sit underneath it. I would be to worried that I screwed it up and it would fall down.

Same with a puncture repair, I would never feel comfortable riding around again after fixing it myself.

Sorry for the late reply.

There’s a nail in there, nothing malicious, although I hadn’t thought about that to be fair. Fortunately my bike is in a secure garage in my building.

Is this done without taking the tyre off the rim? I read that you shouldn’t go over 75mph on a plugged tyre, is that the case or is it a ‘recommendation’ sort of thing?

I guess if everyone says plugging it is fine then that’s what I’ll do. There is a bike place near my work, I’ve never used them but I guess they can’t do much wrong in fixing a puncture…

if your gonna fix it do it yourself i got the rac to plug my tyre once and he ripped a fin great hole in the tyre…

some of them aint got the foggiest…

I wouldn’t worry about having a plugged tyre at all -I’ve done a couple of trackdays with one in too. The AA bloke said the 40mph is more of a disclaimer in case anything unusual occurs but not to worry. I’ve done about 1500 miles on mine, including said TDs.

Kit’s are about £30 and they are the ones that the RAC/AA use.

The one I’ve used was called “pocket tyre plugger” or some such.

Chose that one as it has mushrooom shaped plugs and the head goes inside. Just seemed like a good idea to me but I have no reason to think it’s any better or worse than other kits

You’re also going to need about six or eight of those silly little CO2 capsules just to get some “air” in the tire, or one of those emrgency tyre repair aerosols. Not only puts decent pressure in, it does a belt and braces job.

If you buy this stuff to carry round, get a pair of disposable gloves (garage forecoust?) and a pack of wet wipes.