Puncture Repair

Picked up a puncture on my way in to work this morning. Pulled away from teh lights and POP! there goes my back tyre. Great big aluminium tube thingy had gone straight in… :ermm:

So pulled over and got my bike off the road to see what I could do do. Fortunately, not so long ago I got hold of the Stop n Go pocket tire (their spelling, not mine) plugger kit and the mini compressor they do as well - Clicky! Took a couple of minutes to plug the hole and then a few more minutes to inflate using the compressor. I could’ve inflated fully but it takes a while as it’s a small unit, but enough to get me back on the road and down to the garage for more air.

Very chuffed with both products, they fit easily under my seat and are very easy to use. The supplied mushroom plugs do a great job of plugging the hole and the compressor can clip onto the battery or an accessory plug is provided as well if you have an accessory socket. Highly recommended! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, I’ve got a similar system except it uses plastic screw it bits that self tap into the hole and then you snap it off and use a cartridge to inflate. The StopnGo seems better. Where did you buy it from??

PS. That Yank in the link had the worst accent ever, sounds like he tried the StopnGo to plug his nostrils :smiley:


Every now and then Aldi/Lidl do a 12v compressor for about £5. Got one under the seat now, and have used it sucessfully a few times. Slow, but steady!

The puncture kit I got from M&P online (Clicky), the mini compressor I got off eBay, but I see M&P are selling it now too. Both are nice and compact and fit easily under my seat. (Not sure about space on sports bike, I ride an old Fazer) :cool:

Typically twice the price of the same kit available in America!!