Puncture repair kit

The ones with the little gas bottles included, see some come with rubber bungs and others with rubber strips that you fold over - any one know which ones are best or recommend a tried and tested kit? :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing the replies aswell, I’m after getting two punctures in as many weeks.

Are puncture repair kits permanent or really temporary. I mean, is it just a legal covering thing that they can’t say that the tire is fine after being patched?

Jetstream punctured last weekend …

Checked the rear tyre at 16 psi, inflated to 42 psi and off we went, some 20 miles later it was down to 11 psi :w00t:

Holts tyre weld, a temporary get you home expanding foam puncture repair kit got it sorted for just £7.00. Simple to use, comes in a cannister with a tube and valve. Attach tube to the tyre valve, open cannister valve and tyre inflates to about 25 psi. Ride around for about 5 minutes and inflate to required pressure. Take it to tyre repairer for professional plugging soon as possible afterwards.

Have one on my bike, never needed to use it but looks easy enough to cobble together some kind of temporary fix. I can’t imagine they are designed to be a permanent fix, but sufficient to get one home.

Just uses a t bar filer/plunger, some rubber strips to plug gap(!) a bit of glue like you get on a bicycle repair kit, and the compresseed c02 bottles.

Well worth holding on-board the bike imo.

The pocket tyre plugger from Stop & Go - Click. Used a couple of times and is very easy to use, so gets a big thumbs up from me. The tyre hasn’t lost any pressure at all. I also got the mini air compressor (further down the page), so I don’t need the little gas canisters. It does take some time to inflate the tyre, but works a treat when you’re stranded.