Puncture repair in North/East London


I got a puncture on the A1 whilst on my way back home for xmas Luckily I had RAC cover and they came and did a temporary fix on it which got me home no probs. Saying that, the tyre is still rock hard now two days later. But I need to get it permenantly repaired anyway.

Ideally I need to get this done on my way to work on Wednesday. My route is from Crouch End to Wapping. Can anyone tell me somewhere near these areas that I could get it repaired?



Essential Rubber is the place for you mate - www.essentialrubber.co.uk. They’re just off Highbury Corner. Can’t recommend them highly enough, great service!

Spot on! I go near there on my way to work. Cheers Uber.


I use Tekmotive, they are just outside the M25, but well worth it. Call them up, ask for Geoff, tell them Dan from barnet recomeded you…